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Message: Posted by: WindsorWizard (May 28, 2002 06:26PM)
Thought this might be of interest,
especially due to the fact that we as magicians deal with the unusual.

The way to eternal life? The other day I stumbled on a site that seemed to do some outrageous claims. It's set up by Alex Chiu, who says he invented a device that can give eternal life! Wow... that's long!

I've put some more information on this page, for those that may be as curious as I was to see what all this was about, so...
Please Check Here...
http://www.wizard.magicplace.com/EternalLife.html for an insight into the possibilities of A NEW INVENTION THAT ALLOWS HUMANS TO LIVE FOREVER!

Just thought I would share this with you and, (anyone else you care to share it with is OK by me) to see what you think of it.

Hope you find this as interesting as I did!

Magical Regards... Johnny Ould
... Your Windsor Wizard
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (May 28, 2002 07:34PM)
Sort of like the old joke where the city type is in a small town and asks one of the locals:
"Have you lived here all your life."
The local replies:
"Not yet I haven't" :lol:
Peter Marucci
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (May 28, 2002 07:38PM)
Okay, I've checked out the site and it would be funny if the guy wasn't serious!
Frankly, I'm going to live forever anyway.
And so far, so good! :lol:
Peter Marucci
Message: Posted by: Marduke Kurios (May 28, 2002 09:21PM)
I bet you didn't know it, but Alex Chiu is already 420 years old! And he doesn't look a day over 70!!! :birthday:
Message: Posted by: Logan (May 28, 2002 09:40PM)
I hope you guys read the small text at the bottom:

'The information stated here is only based on religious beliefs. No medical claim'


This Alex guy is funny, he repeats his sentences quite alot. But somehow I can't shrug off that 'what if' feeling... :confused:

Oh well...who wants to live forever anyway?




P.S. You'll probably end up looking like this :comply: anyway! :goof:
Message: Posted by: Daniel Meadows (May 29, 2002 03:43AM)
I think that this can easily be put down to psychosomatic healing and the "placebo" effect.

If someone believes something strongly enough then they can actually produce the results as if they had received the real thing. On a basic scale I have seen a study on people who either took caffeine or a placebo. Both groups reported increased reaction times.

This is just one example but there are lots of other studies into it and it is something often stated by sceptics like me.

It will lose all credibility if he ever dies!
Message: Posted by: WindsorWizard (May 29, 2002 05:52AM)
As Peter said, "It would be funny if the guy wasn't serious"... and I agree.

However, if you take time to read through all the TESTIMONIALS, you will find little that disputes the powers Alex offers here and for those wanting more confirmation, many have included their contact information for you.

To repeat LOGAN... "But somehow I can't shrug off that 'what if' feeling..."!
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (May 29, 2002 06:59AM)
How bizarre!

It made me laugh when I read the following at the bottom of one of his pages:

Disclaimer: The devices are believed to make humans immortal based on religious beliefs. No Medical claim.

I smell a scam in the air. Also, I don't suppose that he cares too much about showing people how to make the rings - very few are going to go out and buy earth magnets. His ploy of offering an affiliate scheme is obviously how he expects to make cash - for every 100 visitors, a percentage will buy from him. It's the old principle of throwing enough mud at the wall to make sure some of it sticks.