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Topic: Signed Howard Thurston book
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Sep 17, 2013 01:00AM)
So I just recently came in possession of a first edition copy of "200 tricks you can do" by Howard Thurston. It was published in 1926. I'm not sure how rare this may be in fact I'm not sure how many things still are in existence that Howard himself have signed. It seems cool enough to have a first edition of a book like this but for it to be signed by Howard Thurston himself just blew my mind. It's now sitting proudly in my magic library now in a glass display case. If anyone knows anything about how rare this is or how much it may be worth. I would be interested in hearing from you. Let me know if the attached images don't work for you.
Message: Posted by: irossall (Sep 17, 2013 05:20AM)
The images don't work for me.

Do you have some sort of "Authenticity" certificate? Without that, it is worth only what the book itself is worth. For a fee (and it may be worth the price) you can have it authenticated. I have Doug Henning's autograph but because I purchased it on E-Bay with no certificate, I can only assume it is real. All my other autographs I know are real because I was there at the signing but I could never tell anyone who might want to purchase any of these signature's (which I will NEVER sell) that they are authentic unless I had some sort of proof. Fact is, for me personaly, I don't give a lot of credence to certificates either. Too easy to duplicate.

Great book though. I only have the e-book. If you ever want to sell it and the price is right, PM me. I would Love to have the real book (even if the signature is not real).
Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Sep 17, 2013 12:44PM)
I'm looking into getting it authenticated.luckily, I didn't purchase it on eBay, Can't trust ebay chances of fake things being sold on eBay is really high. This one came from a private estate. I'm looking for someone to authenticate and looking forward to finding out.
Message: Posted by: David Charvet (Sep 17, 2013 04:49PM)
Contact Rory Feldman, who owns the largest collection of Thurston memorabilia in the world. http://www.ThurstonMasterMagician.com. My guess would be it is authentic. There is not a big market in fake Thurston signatures - Houdini yes, Thurston - no. Good luck!
Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (Sep 17, 2013 08:40PM)
Try posting an image of it. My guess is the book would sell for about $200-$250.00 signed.