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Topic: Hello!
Message: Posted by: Remarkable Marco (Sep 18, 2013 02:11AM)
Hi there,
my name is Marco, and I am just getting started with mentalism. My story is probably different from that of most around here. I am a full time professor who teaches various topics in humanities at Indiana University, Bloomington. I have studied history of magic from a cultural point of view for a period, and published about it at the academic level. At one time, that was actually my main academic interest. Then one day, recently, a realization dawned on me: why not trying to actually DO the stuff myself?? So, after reading the basics and watching the required DVD's, I started practicing mentalist features, mainly in a one-on-one context with friends. I am not trying to become a pro, because that seems quite unrealistic at this point in life for me, but would love to become a skilled amateur who has fun with the effects, understands the psychology behind them better by performing, and entertains friends and people at local events (like with book tests and book-based effects at events at the town library). Instilling in my students the idea that I can read minds seems like a good bonus too! On the minus side, I am starting much older than most (I am over 35), and without being comfortable with even the most basic sleights of hand (yet!); on the plus side, thanks to my academic experience I am used to speak in public in front of large audiences, I know about the psychology and practice of communication, and I have knowledge and great respect for the history of the discipline. Well, we'll see how this goes!!!

The Magic Café has been a tremendous asset for me. It has allowed me to learn not how the tricks are done, but about the ethics and practices of magic, as well as handling techniques, presentation, patter, bibliographical sources, and so on. Which is all the most important since there isn't a magic community in town and I have to mainly educate myself on my own.

This is all for now. Thank you for reading, and if you are reading this and live / work in Southern Indiana please drop me a line, I would love to make contact with you.
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Sep 19, 2013 07:05PM)
Welcome Remarkable Marco.

I started in Magic as an Adult and it worked out fine. I was younger than you but in the end time will pass anyway, so why not start down a path that pleases you? You are right in thinking that it does not have to lead to being a Pro.

From my perspective now, you seem quite young.

Have fun!

-Mary Mowder