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Topic: Patrick Kuffs' Mind Stunts DVD
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Dec 17, 2003 04:21AM)
Many of you may know Kuffs from his numerous postings here on The Magic Café. Still others will be familiar with his various mental effects that he has marketed from time to time. What I want you to know [i]now[/i] is that I've watched his new dvd and would like to share some of my thoughts about its content and production qualities. Enjoy.

[b]Patrick Kuffs' Mind Stunts DVD[/b]


[b]Disc description:[/b] [i]
Introducing the Mind Stunts DVD, featuring on screen for the very first time, Patrick Kuffs most coveted effects! This DVD also includes Acrobat Reader PDF text files for all the included routines in English and French and the necessary stickers for the "Rubik's Cube" effect[/i].


First, let's take a quick look at the material you'll find on this latest offering from Kuffs.

[b]Dangerous Monte -[/b] Spectator picks a number which corresponds to one of several closed bags. The remaining bags are smashed by the performer with his bare hands. The final bag is opened to reveal it contains half a broken bottle with jagged sharp edges! You may recall seeing an earlier version of this performed by [i]Gary Kurtz[/i] in his stand up shows (using knifes)and there are several others varients floating around as well. No matter, the variation that Kuffs provides is a real stunner and [i]easily[/i] my favorite on the disc. Easy to do and worth the prep work involved. Strong. ;)

[b]Watchism -[/b] Another mental marvel using a borrowed watch in which the hands end up matching a prediction written previously by the performer. Cool.

[b]Book Test 4 Dummies -[/b] Here Kuffs provides an idiot proof way to perform a seemingly amazing booktest using a borrowed book. I liked this a lot. :)

[b]Blindfoil -[/b] The performer has his face taped with metal foil which blocks his vision, yet he can navigate easily (i.e, walking, driving, etc) as well as draw a picture of his surroundings on a tablet. Worth a look.

[b]Nostradakuffs -[/b] An easy to do 52 on 1 effect that is not actually explained (the method is VERY obvious). Hint: Go to the explanation area anyway and you'll find a nice surprise. :bwink:

[b]T.O.C. -[/b] An interesting Rubik's Cube effect involving the performer and two spectators. You'll like this. It's easy to do and the dvd includes the special stickers you'll need to perform, you provide the cube. Nice.

[b]Bold Business -[/b] A very neat mental mystery in which both the performer and specator secretly make a drawing on the back of a business card - they end up matching! A great way to hand out your business card. I liked this one and I think you may as well. :nod:

First, the dvd is put together quite well. How well you may ask? Let me put it this way - Kuffs provides a package that is not only full of great material but is hands down one of [i]the best[/i] magic dvd's I've seen to date! No kidding!

The production quality alone is worth the price of admission. Finally, a learning dvd that appears to be put together by folks who actually know what they are doing. Producers of magic dvd's PLEASE take notice! Great editing, good sound and the entire project was obviously thought out and not slapped together in an evening as so many magic offerings appear to be done.

Besides stellar production values, this disc just plain made me laugh out loud. Very VERY entertaining. This offering from Kuffs proves the point that you can teach some magic and still do so in an artful way. Arguably this is not necessary, but certainly has a greater appeal..at least for me.
I also felt Kuffs did a nice job of presenting the effects to the viewer even though there was not a [i]live[/i] audience to be found. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

What about the material taught? Good question. I'm no mentalist but I found all of the effects worth a second look. These effects can easily fit into the category of [i]mental[/i] magic as opposed to [i]mentalism[/i], making them very appealing to the average magician yet still worthy of the working mentalist.
The tricks are explained in great detail and the workings are all easily mastered. This means you can concentrate your efforts on presentation. Excellent value here my friends.
This is probably the best dvd I've seen in 2003 and I can hardly await Kuffs' next project.
This receives my [i]highest[/i] recommendation!

[b]My rating:[/b] [img]images/Reviews/5.gif[/img]

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