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Topic: Painted backdrops - review
Message: Posted by: Flagre (Oct 9, 2013 02:02AM)
I have two Jet Sets from Abbott. I wanted different backdrops for all of my different shows, and after some research I ordered from backdrops.us

Iīm really happy with the quality, they are all beautifully made! Itīs obvious that they are hand-painted and not printed, but that just adds to their appeal in my opinion.

In addition to ordering from their selection on the website, I also ordered two custom ones, one from a rather complex photo, and they did a beautiful job there as well. The backdrops are painted on cotton muslin. I was concerned the fabric would be to thin, but it works well. To make them drape nicer, I use four weights (the kind with clamps on that I usually use for outside tablecloths to prevent them from blowing away...sorry donīt know the English word for it) at the bottom, and it works like a charm.

Prices were really good, from USD 50 - 90 depending on size and customization. The company messed around with my order a little bit - forgot one backdrop, added one that was not supposed to be there etc., but as soon as I made them aware of it everything was fixed.

If you want a specific backdrop for a Christmas theme or a library show etc. this is an option well worth looking into!