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Topic: Bottle caps as neat props
Message: Posted by: gregg webb (Oct 15, 2013 06:01PM)
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy bottle caps as props for magic. They palm well by the rough 'mouth up' part - I'm talking about metal bottle caps. I use these for matrix because I can palm and pick them up off the table table even with no soft mat or rug or whatever. The routine I use is basically the same as Chink-a-chink with coins...just that I use the caps. I don't have to lap or use a shell coin because I can palm the last one. Actually I palm each one and lift rather than slide so I can do this on a hard surface if I want.
Also good is just the fact that they aren't cards or coins but something else. There are plenty of coin tricks. I think the original assembly of this sort was with bottle caps or sugar cubes. Anyone remember the old large sugar cubes ? I can't seem to find any but tiny ones in stores, but if the large sugar cubes could be found, you unwrap them. The rough surface palms better than the paper wrapper. They used to be in all coffee shops right at each table in a bowl. Oh well. The metal bottle caps are fine. There you have it. Some one might use this idea. A lot of guys think they aren't as classy as coins for Chink-a-chink but there are advantages. Check it out. Best wishes, Gregg Webb
Message: Posted by: Yellowcustard (Oct 19, 2013 01:31AM)
Bottle caps are great little objects. A while ago I developed a routine that used basic coin slights. A cap was produced from a purse frame and vanished to appear out of the lid of a sharpie. Then it vanish again back to the purse frame in the pocket. Once reproduced out came a another. Then I put one in each hand and one would jump across. Then the spectator would choose on and id take it and clap my hands and revel a flat cap.

I did develop a few more ideas and have a pile of notes on colour changing caps. Also a mentlisum idea using a 6 different colour caps and guessing who as what along with a prediction.

Also I slight version on Chink-a-chink is a little effect called four marbles and two hats. It can be done with four different small object and two napkins.

Hope this all helps.
Message: Posted by: Motley Mage (Oct 19, 2013 08:26AM)
A friend at my local IBM did a bottlecap in coke bottle routine last week. Very slick and convincing.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Oct 19, 2013 08:48AM)
I didn't know that they made fldng bottle caps! Hee hee~

Right Motley~ I "played" with the concept a few years ago. It's clever, but didn't 'fit in' for me. It was a case of the Charlie Miller question: "How do you get into it?"

I've always liked trying out effects that were just slightly 'out of the box',
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Oct 22, 2013 09:11AM)
Pete Biro/Joe Porper have a superbly done Fldng Cap and routine