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Topic: Tricks for Live TV Appearances
Message: Posted by: Ken Dumm (Oct 27, 2013 04:49PM)
Hey everybody!

Wondering what material you choose when you go on live TV news segments? I recently did a promotion for a public show on a local Fox affiliate. Here's the link:


Many times you don't have the opportunity to have control of angles, or meet with the director of the show. This was the case in the above segment. The producer (who I never met, just communicated via email) told me the segment was scheduled for 5 minutes. 1.5 minutes for the interview, 2.5 minutes for the trick and 1 minute for the recap of the show I was promoting. I had other material with me, but it pretty much went off as scheduled. Unfortunately they had the wrong date for the show, so I fixed it on the video I posted and used on Facebook to promote.

Anyways, just wondering what material you use when you go "Live" on television.