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Topic: Websites to practice Joyal's memorized deck ?
Message: Posted by: saturnin (Dec 19, 2003 09:24PM)
HI everyone,

I know of a few websites on which you practice with the Aronson stack (card & position), but I would like to know if there is one where I could practice the Joyal stack?

Thanks in advance!

Ronnie Lemieux
Message: Posted by: MarkFarrar (Dec 28, 2003 04:57PM)
If you are able to send me the details of the Joval Stack (just the cards and positions), I could create a couple of tests for you. If you want to see what I mean, check out the Mnemonics section of my website.
Message: Posted by: Chout (Dec 28, 2003 05:32PM)
Check out the official site and try the links on the left side. They really help.
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Jan 3, 2004 04:01PM)
StackView is a simple utility program for magicians interested in exploring the effect of various actions to a stacked deck: