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Topic: Magician's Guide to the Tarot
Message: Posted by: Voodini (Nov 4, 2013 09:00AM)
From the man who brought you the Magician's Guide to Palm Reading, comes the Magician's Guide to the Tarot! Now available to pre-order at a discounted price, with the release date being Friday 15th November. http://www.readerofminds.co.uk

The Tarot has long fascinated both magicians and the general public. With its entrancing artwork and air of mystery, these cards are the perfect tool for magicians and mentalists. However many magicians and mentalists can find it difficult to incorporate the Tarot into their close-up sets. Learning what each card means and then delivering a 'reading' can seem a daunting task. With 78 cards in a full deck, many can be worried that it is impossible to remember what each card means. And when it comes to using the Tarot for 'tricks', their size and shape can often mean that even an experienced card magician can struggle to use them.

Both issues are addressed in this guide, the first of its kind for magicians in terms of both advice and practicality. Paul has used the Tarot as a tool for magical entertainment for the past decade, and his method of delivering quick entertaining readings is included within this manuscript. The problem of ethics and how to keep readings very firmly on the 'entertainment' side is also addressed and resolved. And finally Paul presents several ways of using the Tarot for tricks that are easy to do but also manage to keep the Tarot's integrity in place.

If you've ever wondered about the Tarot, perhaps thought it would be great to use a deck of these fascinating alternative to playing cards, but have up to now struggled to find a way of utilising them, then this guide is for you. Likewise, even if you are already comfortable using the Tarot, this guide offers invaluable ideas and insights from a professional entertainer who has used the Tarot 'in the field' for a decade.

The Tarot is ideal for providing displays of wonder and mystery the essential ingredients of magic. This guide shows you how you too can provide that wonder and mystery, with everything fully explained in easy to understand language that does not get bogged down in jargon or woolly 'new age' rhetoric. This practical guide is aimed very firmly at magicians and mentalists who live in the real world, and need real world advice and ideas.

The Magician's Guide to the Tarot is now available to pre-order with the manuscript being released on Friday 15th November. Pre-order before Friday 8th November, and the pre-order price is 8. From Saturday 9th November Thursday 14th November the pre-order price jumps to 10. And upon release on Friday 15th, the price increases to 12. Therefore the sooner you pre-order, the less you pay. By pre-ordering you are paying less, and the manuscript will be delivered to your email address as a PDF on Friday 15th November.

Please note that The Magician's Guide to the Tarot is a PDF and is aimed at magicians and mentalists who are interested in incorporating the Tarot into their close-up routines and sets for entertainment purposes. It is not aimed at those wanting the work as Tarot card readers providing in-depth readings. For those interested in providing in-depth readings, please refer to other work by Paul Voodini.

The page count is likely to be around the 50 mark.

For more information and to order visit http://www.readerofminds.co.uk
Message: Posted by: caigy (Nov 4, 2013 09:16AM)
Hi Paul.

Will you be releasing this in a booklet form, with a plastic prompter card, similar to the 'Magician's Guide to Palm Reading' version I have and carry with me?

Paul Mc.
Message: Posted by: Voodini (Nov 4, 2013 09:45AM)
Hi Paul - this is a PDF release, similar to the Magicians Guide to Palm Reading PDF that I released a few years ago. This in turn became the Palm Reading for Magicians DVD set. I hope, perhaps in 12 months or so, to be able to release a DVD version of the tarot manuscript, but that is very much in the hands of the manufacturers and DVD producers. So for now at least, it is simply a PDF release and is priced to reflect this.

Hope this helps! :)
Message: Posted by: caigy (Nov 4, 2013 10:11AM)
It does thanks you Paul.
I purchased both, the Magicians Guide to Palm Reading PDF and Palm Reading for Magicians DVD set and if this is anywhere near as well explained and easy to follow, then you should be onto a winner :thumbsup:
I will be getting my order in early.

Paul Mc.
Message: Posted by: Voodini (Nov 4, 2013 10:58AM)
Thanks Paul - much appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Voodini (Nov 4, 2013 02:28PM)
Thanks Paul - much appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Voodini (Nov 11, 2013 11:05AM)
Just a quick reminder that this can still be pre-ordered at the reduced price of 10 up until Thursday. The price will then increase when it is officially released of Friday. So save yourself money by pre-ordering, plus get the PDF delivered to your in-box before the general release! http://www.readerofminds.co.uk
Message: Posted by: Merlinsmagic (Nov 11, 2013 11:22AM)
Glad I jumped on the 1st pre order price :) Looking forward to kicking back & reading my PDF copy this weekend !
Message: Posted by: Voodini (Nov 12, 2013 10:25AM)
Hope you enjoy it Merlinsmagic - it's been quite an undertaking! :)

Pre-order price is still 10 until Thursday night...
Message: Posted by: Voodini (Nov 14, 2013 08:57AM)
This is your last chance to pre-order The Magician's Guide to the Tarot at the pre-order price of just 10. The pre-order opportunity ends at midnight on Thursday, and if you pre-order the PDF will be in your in-box Friday morning. Order from http://www.readerofminds.co.uk

Following delivery of all pre-orders, the PDF will go on general release at a fee of 12.

This manuscript is destined to be the 'go to' reference for magicians and mentalists interested in incorporating the Tarot into their work. It covers areas such as how to do readings, how to memorise the meanings of the cards, how to work as an entertainer with the Tarot, and tricks and demonstrations that can be performed with the Tarot without compromising the Tarot's integrity. It is 85 pages long.