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Topic: Hi everyone from Switzerland :)
Message: Posted by: Infinityswiss (Nov 10, 2013 07:36AM)
Hi everyone,

I am a swiss girl from 25 years old. First sorry for my english, as it is not my first language I am not a pro;-) and sometimes do some mistakes.

I am working as a client advisor in a bank, as zumba instructor and next to that I am an hypnotist show girl. I am not doing some therapy as I do not have the pretention to be able to do that ! But I am doing some hypnotism show at my level;-).

My aim is to be able one day to do some big show and to have the quality of someone like marc savard or even derren brown(even if he is using different methods). For people who know Messmer, the quebec guy who is making some hypnotism show, it s with him I had my first experience... Then I discovered this wonderful word.

I also like a lot magic illusion! It makes me feel like magic is existing and I love to see people perform this art!

My dream would be one day to do a show like the film "now you see me" because the mix of different art makes something still more magic and wonderful!

Anyway I enjoy to have a chat with people here:-)

See you;-)
Message: Posted by: Dallas Robbins (Nov 10, 2013 09:33AM)
You're english isn't that bad at all. welcome to the fun!
Message: Posted by: Infinityswiss (Nov 10, 2013 01:44PM)
Thanks dallas :)

It depends of the subjects for my english ;-))

Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Nov 11, 2013 02:48AM)
Welcome Infinityswiss,

I don't know anything about a hyp. act so it really sounds interesting.

You go girl!

-Mary Mowder