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Topic: My Fun Three Part Test
Message: Posted by: Glenn Morphew (Nov 23, 2013 03:17PM)
Watch me test Bob's eyesight, his power of observation and his intuition. He does really good. How would you do?


Message: Posted by: Ado (Nov 23, 2013 07:32PM)
Very nice.
I liked less the last part, probably because I know how it works, but the two first parts where brilliant.

Message: Posted by: Glenn Morphew (Nov 23, 2013 08:02PM)
Yes Ado,

That seems to be the consensus and I agree. I need to figure out a third phase that contains a surprise element like the first two.

I'm certainly open to everyone's presentational ideas.

Message: Posted by: landmark (Nov 23, 2013 08:51PM)
That was fun! I'm reasonably certain of what you're doing, and I like it all. From a method viewpoint, maybe a slight weakness in that I think the solution to part 2, points to the solution in part 3. If you were going to replace a section, I would replace part 2. It seems logical to me that since the back changed color, the face should change color next. Then through the table.