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Topic: Getting back into magic
Message: Posted by: Caci (Dec 2, 2013 03:40PM)
Hello all!
I'm getting back in to magic after nearly 5-6 years away. I recently dug up some old books and videos(some DVD and even some VHS)and found myself bit by the magic bug once again. I'm mainly interested in card magic and other close up magic. I've found myself having to re-learn some skills I used to have when I practiced more frequently, but it's been fun. I used to browse the Café back then and I knew if I wanted to progress further, I should come back. I look forward to honing my skills with the help of all the knowledgeable folks here at the magic Café.
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Dec 2, 2013 07:54PM)
Welcome Caci,

And welcome back to Magic.

I have noticed that returning to an old skill can bring new insights that your earlier familiarity may have precluded.
So… it's not all bad to have a break.

Remember this experience and don't ever sell your books or Magic favs. unless you are very sure you are done with Magic.

The Café will be a great help in your repatriation into Magic.

-Mary Mowder
Message: Posted by: Kevin Blake (Dec 5, 2013 02:05PM)
Welcome back to magic! It does seem to be the bite that keeps on itching.