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Topic: New Losander Table
Message: Posted by: Ben Whiting (Dec 8, 2013 06:18PM)
Have any of you worked with Losander's new eclipse 2.0 Table? I'm was planning on upgrading to an eclipse but this new one looks pretty good.

Website says:
The Eclipse 2.0 is a new designed Table. Much stronger and more compact then the regular Eclipse Table.

Message: Posted by: TheMagicalMan (Dec 9, 2013 04:09AM)
Losander told me that this is (in his own words) "THE BEST FLOATING TABLE EVER". Plus you can carry it in a small suite case that is used to carry the losander original floating table :) .
Message: Posted by: jstreiff (Dec 11, 2013 10:23AM)
I really want to get a good look at this one. Maybe add it to my Losander collection
Message: Posted by: Ben Whiting (Dec 18, 2013 02:53PM)
I'm taking the plunge with it. I'll throw a review up after I work with it some. Unless of course it's ridiculously awesome, then I'll put up a bad review so I'm the only one that has one :)
Message: Posted by: todini (Mar 4, 2015 10:43AM)
[quote]On Dec 18, 2013, BenRoss wrote:
I'm taking the plunge with it. I'll throw a review up after I work with it some. Unless of course it's ridiculously awesome, then I'll put up a bad review so I'm the only one that has one :) [/quote]
BenRoss, I'm thinking about getting an eclipse 2.0; what are your thoughts on this table? I'm curious if the table top is sturdy; as it's in two pieces. Would you buy this model again? Thanks!!
Message: Posted by: JasperLee (Oct 12, 2015 05:04AM)
Hello people. Any reviews by proud owners of Eclipse 2.0?
Message: Posted by: John T. Sheets (Oct 13, 2015 02:31AM)
Hi Guys!

I have the Eclipse Table 2.0, and I've been performing with it a lot lately, as I'm doing 4-5 shows a night in Vegas all month long. The table is very nice, as is all of Losanders tables. I've also got the Deluxe Table as well, so I'll make a few comparisons. The Eclipse does appear to be stronger than the Deluxe, however it's also considerably heavier. So there's a little pro and con there. A stage hand accidentally knocked the Eclipse table over last night, and it hit the stage floor pretty hard, however, it's still in one piece! I think some people may prefer the Deluxe table over the Eclipse table as it's much easier to float. They both look nice, so I think the look of the table is a personal preference.

I hope this helps!
Message: Posted by: JasperLee (Oct 13, 2015 03:31AM)
Hi John!

Great to hear from you about the Eclipse Table 2.0. Thanks for taking the time to leave a reply.

You mentioned that the Deluxe Table is **much easier** to float. Is that base on the weight alone?

I also noticed that between the older version and the new Eclipse Table 2.0, the latter has some lines in the middle that doesn't look very appealing. Does the table come with the same cloth as seen in the video for the older Eclipse Table?


Thanks! Be great to hear more inputs around!
Message: Posted by: John T. Sheets (Oct 13, 2015 01:41PM)
Hi Jasperlee,

Yes, the Deluxe table is a lot easier to float because of the weight factor.

Yes, there are "lines" on the top of the Eclipse 2.0. It doesn't really bother me because I never remove the cloth during performance. The cloth provided is a plain or solid color cloth.

I hope this helps!
Message: Posted by: John (Oct 22, 2015 07:10PM)
I own a Losander table and was also plaining on upgrading - BUT I wanted to get a basic Elipse. I didn't like the look at the middle of the upright piece - which I am supposing is covering the fact that the center post" probably divides for storage and packing. I don't care about a slightly larger carrying case - so I want to get Ecclipse I.

My question - is Eclipse "I" ALSO "a lot heavier" or is Eclipse II significantly heavier than Eclipse I? Weight would be a factor for me and if Eclipse I were a lot heavier that would, for me be a deal breaker. I'm hoping that if Eclipse I were "heavier" it wouldn't be by a great deal. How much heavier is Eclipse I from Losander's more basic models?

Many Thanks
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Oct 23, 2015 06:04AM)
General Question: Does Losander hallmark, or put an identifying mark, on tables he manufactures?

Message: Posted by: Hector (Oct 23, 2015 08:32PM)
Hi Blair.
At least when I bought mine it was not marked. I managed to get mine signed though.

I think it would be great to get some kind of a mark in it. Although the real deal is easy to spot compared to the fake ones...

All the best!