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Topic: Magical Greetings!
Message: Posted by: xanatos (Dec 28, 2003 06:57PM)
After hearing about The Magic Café for years, I finally got over here and registered. Hello All! I actually found my way here while looking for story lines that have been used with "Professor's Nightmare".

As for me, I've been in magic for years. I tend to enjoy storytelling/bizarre magic, and like magic that uses normal (looking, anyway) items for props, if any. I've been strongly influenced by Brother Shadow's material, as well as Eugene Burger. I am self-employed, designing websites & web applications in ASP and VBScript, but I spend most of my free time fixing my old house and wishing I was hiking somewhere! :)

I'm also the webmaster for the S.A.M., http://www.magicsam.com/ and a member of S.A.M. local assembly 17.

I wish all here a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!!!

Dave Xanatos
Message: Posted by: Frank Tougas (Dec 29, 2003 12:22PM)
Hi Dave,

Welcome to the Café. I think you will find it both stimulating and enjoyable. Just a note, you may wish to read the Café's policy on Avatars, while I like yours, I am not confident it will pass the recognition test. Neither eye is clearly seen and half is of a negative image. Both are faux pas noted in the Café rules.

Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Dec 29, 2003 10:12PM)
Hi Dave,

There's a forum on here that I'm sure you will enjoy visiting. I'm talking about the Bizarre forum and am confident you'll enjoy checking it out. While it's not the type of magic I usually do, the many that frequent that thread are amazing story tellers and it's always a pleasure to read. They are a friendly group too as all many of the members at the Café.

Enjoy your stay here Dave, and welcome! :wavey:
Message: Posted by: xanatos (Dec 30, 2003 09:13AM)
Hello Frank & Chrystal,

Thanks for the welcome. I didn't know about the Avatar rules- I just went and read them. Since I don't perform professionally (I DO perform publically, but I don't promote myself or advertise- just word of mouth among friends & organizations I've performed for before), so I don't have any decent pictures of myself... I grab my digital and take a photo for my avatar soon.

I don't plan on posting very much- read mostly... you know- two ears & one mouth kind of thing! :)

I noticed the bizarre forum as I was leaving the board the other evening, I'm sure that'll be right up my alley. The particular brand of bizarre I like tends to be not the blood & gore, or horror end of it, but more of the storytelling aspect, and usually with an inspiring and positive underlying theme; only occasionally with a darker mood, usually in the context of reminding folks of the importance of being aware and circumspect in life, as well as thankful for the blessings we have.

I hope you are all doing well as you read this. I'll be around out here, probably with one screen displaying and refreshing the main forum index while my other screens are filled up with web site work! :)

Best magical regards to all,

Dave Xanatos
Message: Posted by: Dr. TORA (Jan 18, 2004 11:26AM)
Hi Dave :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:
Welcome among us and to the biggest gate of magic ever. I am sure you will enjoy here. Please do participate into thge discussions, there is a lot to share here. Please have a cup of strong Turkish coffee on my bill while you begin to type your next post.
Message: Posted by: xanatos (Jan 18, 2004 11:31AM)
Hello Olzen,

Thanks for the welcome. I could use a strong cup of Turkish Coffee right about now!

Dave Xanatos