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Topic: Magical Effects tied into a Doctor Who theme?
Message: Posted by: xanatos (Dec 20, 2013 05:08PM)
It's been years since I was last on here!

The idea I'm working on may have already been done, or may have been dismissed as simply impracticable, but... I'm interested in some magical effects that might tie into a Doctor Who type of situation. Specifically effects that suggest that some sort of time travel has happened (although I can think of several effects easily adapted for this, I'm looking for some suggestions perhaps from good experiences); also, illusions - and one in particular - making the inside of something appear to be larger than the outside ("Doctor Who fans will recognize the phrase "It's bigger on the Inside", or Clara's "It's smaller on the Outside!" :) ) This illusion would need to work in conjunction with a full size TARDIS.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the TARDIS, basically, it's a London "Police Call Box", approximately 5' x 5' square on the base and about 8 feet tall. The experience of someone encountering the TARDIS is seeing said box, and upon walking into the front door, discovering that the expected space inside is not 5 x 5 x 8, but in fact, enormous. Yet looking from the outside, it appears to only be 5 x 5 x 8.

I recognize that there would have to be certain restrictions here... but I'm thinking some arrangement whereby the person encountering this TARDIS effect wouldn't actually enter the structure, but looking inside from just outside the front doors, it would appear to be a very large room within. A high-res graphic wouldn't quite cut it as I'm also looking for it to appear to have depth - so I'm not quite sure how exactly to accomplish this.

I also could augment the effect by taking out an object or two from the TARDIS that would appear to be much too large to fit into it - such as the old Appearing Ladder from Briefcase type of thing, although I'd need a really big one to solidify the effect... is there a 10' Appearing Ladder on the market? :)

Thanks folks!

Message: Posted by: tsing520 (Mar 2, 2014 09:00PM)
I'm a bit new to the magic thing but an old fan of Dr. Who! For the time travel side of things if you have a large budget Houdin's orange tree would be perfect to have sitting just inside the box so people could watch the time pass faster in that microcosm. You could also have some sort of double bag with coal in one side and a large fake diamond in the other which you produce after jumping in and out of the box. If you know some talented people you could also pop into the box with some old age makeup on and maybe some old-guy clothes and then do a quick change type act into yourself. If you can position the tardis where you want to then you could stick it over a trapdoor and have tones of people come out of it. For the effect of making it look bigger on the inside some clever mirror placement can make it look a bit larger but there's no way of having that effect amazingly done as far as I can think of. Though saying that I'm very inexperienced!

Good Luck,
Message: Posted by: ZachDavenport (Jun 10, 2014 05:40PM)
What is your situation here? Are we talking a gig, or a big stage show? If the latter the tardis could disappear and appear somewhere else on stage via trap door. You could also have it appear in the back or the theater. Could be completely impractical, but It would be a fun routine if possible.