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Topic: I have had more posts than your showing!!
Message: Posted by: Peace_2_Ya (May 31, 2002 08:34PM)
I have had a lot more posts than you are showing.
I am anxious to have 50 posts so I can join The Banquet Room.

What's going on????

Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Jun 2, 2002 12:51AM)
Often posts may seemingly vanish for several reasons. Many times, members will accidently post the same post twice, without ever realizing it. When this happens, the duplicate is naturally removed. :)

Also, should a post or topic be deleted, and you had a post involved, your post may have been removed, since it's contents may no longer [i]make sense[/i] without the original post that had been removed.

Another possibility, our grammar hostess Mya will often combine posts. For example, often someone will make a post, then on further thought, decide to add some more information, so they make a second post (instead of editing their first post and adding whatever they wanted to say) which follows directly after the first.
She simply combines the two (Since really, they belong together), and deletes the second post. This is done to help conserve server space and bandwidth, both of which do not come at a cheap price.

The only other reason a post would be removed is for a violation of our Cafe rules and etiquette. However, you would have been notified if this were the case.

Rest assured, we take The Cafe very seriously, and posts are backed up constantly, to prevent any possible loss.
I hope this helps.