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Topic: My new pair of doves has this insect on it
Message: Posted by: 12345 (Dec 29, 2003 09:59PM)
I just bought 1 pair of doves from a bird breeder today, and saw this lilttle thin long stuff crawing in and out of its furs!! what is it? how do I get red of it!!
I think they are mites or parisites, what sprays should I get to get rid of them?
Message: Posted by: sperris (Dec 30, 2003 12:39AM)
OH DUDE YOU NEED TO GET RID OF THAT!!!!!!!!! I recommend separating the doves and spraying them with mite/lice spray. You can get it from your pet shop. Two common brands are "8 in 1" or "Scalex" They'll be gone within 24 hrs. But do it soon!

sperris :stare:
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Dec 30, 2003 06:57AM)
Absolutely agree with Dan on this. There is also a powder used on cats (not dogs) that you can rub through the feathers. Either will work but in both cases, be careful not to get it in their eyes.
While your at the pet store, get some Cage Protectors. These are small round cans of a chemical used to keep mites and lice away. Once you've treated your birds, hand one of these protectors on each cage. You'll have to change them periodically. You'll smell the chemical as soon as you open the can. When the smell is gone, usually about a month or so, replace it.
When you spray or powder the birds, pay particular attention to under the wings at the arm pit. Prime breeding ground for mites.
This may seem a little extreme but it's necessary. While the birds are out of the cage, wash the cage down in bleach and hot water. Otherwise you're putting the clean birds back into the mite/lice environment.
Message: Posted by: zaubern (Jan 16, 2004 03:28AM)
Once your doves are cleaned up I would check out some different sprays for general washing. I recently found one but the name escapes me. It doesn't take out oils and is gentle all around. On a separate note, I saw a company putting out a liquid you add to the water to get rid of chemicals in the tap water. Have any of you seen this? Do you recommend it or is it not necessary?