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Topic: Help me find the name of this trick pen PLEASE
Message: Posted by: MagiKen (Jan 2, 2014 11:16AM)
A couple of weeks ago I saw a trick adverized that used a marker to draw a heart or other simple design on your hand or arm or that of a spectator. Then move it to another part of your or their body. Unlike eXile, there were no chemicals used in the vanish (which can harm you or your volunteer if gotten into the mouth - like eating food with that hand), just a little extra moisture (a swipe H2O and its gone). The trick retails for about $30. I should have added it to a wishlist, or if I did I can't recognize it by name. Does anyone know the NAME of this trick using a "super washable" washable marker disguised as a permanent Sharpie? I have tried every search word I can think of at the dealer with no luck. I even called them and the sales rep could't tell me, but recommended asking on the Café. Do here goes; Do any here know the NAME of the EFFECT I'm looking for?
Message: Posted by: john wills (Jan 2, 2014 12:33PM)
Look on the site of Sans Mind Magic...perhaps.
Message: Posted by: MagiKen (Jan 2, 2014 03:21PM)
Thank you John Wills. SansMinds Sharpie Pen is exactly the title of what I was looking for.