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Topic: Lemon, egg and canary
Message: Posted by: taddo (Dec 30, 2003 12:55PM)
Has anyone had any experience with this. There is a 1200 dollar one and one for $150. I think it is 12oo dollars because everything is vanished in the table that it comes with. Any opinions about the cheaper version?

Message: Posted by: DaveWomach (Dec 30, 2003 01:50PM)
Hi Taddo,

http://www.MalloyModernMagic.com sells a great version. I have used his cage and table for several years, without ANY problems! I recently switched to a custome made table from http://www.WolfsMagic.com but continue to use Malloy's cage with this prop. He sells a great cage. The routine is well worth the money.

Just my opionions... but I hope they help!

Message: Posted by: paraguppie (Dec 30, 2003 02:43PM)
I have seen Dave (Hi Dave) perform this in person. The crowd absolutely loves Dave's version of it. If you are going to do it, I would say save your money for a while and buy the Malloy version. Also, check out http://www.wolfsmagic.com and look at the custom built version for Dave's show. It's a work of art! Take care,

Message: Posted by: sperris (Jan 2, 2004 07:56PM)
I used to use Chalet's cage and it is beautiful. George is great to work with, he's done lots of exclusive work for me with his products and they're worth what you pay for that's for sure. In my current version I don't use a cage, its all bare-handed and I crush the egg in my palm and the bird crawls out, I'd be willing to discuss selling my cage and table if you are interested. http://www.chaletmagic.com is the web address I believe so you can get more information if interested...

sperris :stare:
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 9, 2004 09:02PM)
I use the Martini cage, which is similar to Chalet cage, but with a table. FYI - Martini is no longer building magic illusions.

If you by a cage only, you still must create your own Vanish methods. Then, instead of a table you need a beautiful assistant to bring it out and hold it for you.

I would prefer the beautiful assistant any day to table.

The trick is the same to audience no matter the method. Just letting you know what you can consider. Buying part of a trick, is cheaper, but in the long run you will probably pay more.

Bill :fyi:
Message: Posted by: RVH Magic (Jan 10, 2004 08:11PM)
Dear Sperris,
Can you please mail me a photo of the chalet cage & table (o.l.e.c)
El rafael
email : rafael@act-one.be
Message: Posted by: sperris (Jan 10, 2004 08:57PM)
Yeah I can, but I'm on the road right now and won't be able to send it to you for a few more weeks. So if that's cool sure I'll email you some pics...

sperris :stare:
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 11, 2004 11:34AM)
I have seen Chalet model, I think the Malloy model is more showy. Chalet model has the items set on the table top. They are not on any special holder as in Mally model. Chalet model has a "L" shaped hook that the cage hangs from by the top of the cage, on the rear corner of the table top.

Chalet model cage has a clear plastic front that replaces the cage wires. This could may not be good if your stage lights refect off the plastic preventing the audience from seeing anything.

Finally, I believe the Chalet model will cost more.

You have not said weither you are using an assistant or not.

This is an important consideration. If you want advice we must have enough input to advise correctly.

Bill :worry:
Message: Posted by: kenscott (Jan 12, 2004 07:10AM)
Actually the Chalet cost less than the Malloy version. I just Chalets and he has redone his to look smaller and more slick. Don't recall a plastic pcs on the cage.

Great looking pcs. I do this with a parakeet and I do it alone with NO assistants.

Message: Posted by: Beaudini Magic (Jan 12, 2004 01:12PM)
Hi there,

I have a custom Milan Forzetting OLEC, I use it with a parakeet, and it has a really cool table with to silver post that the cage sits on and detaches from. It is a custom cage, because the chalet model had plastic on it, and the lighting was tough. Its a beautiful piece, and I use it with no assistants as well, to music.
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Jan 12, 2004 10:18PM)
The table is used to vanish the lemon and egg and also to display the orange, lemon, egg and cage. I would prefer to vanish the lemon and egg via topit and sleeveing. The cage is held and operated by my lady assistant. That is my preferrence.
Message: Posted by: Salazar Magic (Jan 18, 2004 11:41AM)
Anybody have pictures or links to these cages?
Message: Posted by: DaveWomach (Jan 18, 2004 06:59PM)
Doug Malloy's Cages http://www.malloymodernmagic.com/orange_lemon_egg.htm

My table with cage (made my Chance Wolf and Malloy)
Message: Posted by: Salazar Magic (Jan 20, 2004 02:01PM)
Nice table, Dave

So what do you think of using fake fruit?