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Topic: Does anyone know the story behind my Houdini token?
Message: Posted by: Merenkov (Jan 15, 2014 12:10PM)
I posted this in the collectibles forum, but someone suggested that I post it here. Several years ago I purchased a Houdini token, a so-called "fantasy souvenir", which shows Houdini's face on one side (with the words "Admit One") and "Compliments Garrick Theatre Week of Nov. 1" on the reverse. The Garrick Theatre, or course, was the site of Houdini's last performance before his death on October 31, 1926. So the conceit of the token is that Houdini died before it could have been used. Does anyone happen to know the origin of this quarter-sized coin? Perhaps it was made for a Houdini seance, or some creative person's magic-themed party?