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Topic: Greenhorn!
Message: Posted by: bigvick161 (Jan 1, 2004 07:06AM)
Hello everyone @ Magic Café.
Just thought id introduce myself before I bombard you all with bone questions! My name is Vick, I'm from UK and work all over the place as I'm a pilot.Im 35 but have only got into magic (cards & coins) very recently. Hope you all have a great 2004, my head hurts! :dance:
Message: Posted by: Steve Friedberg (Jan 1, 2004 09:48AM)
Welcome to the Café. We were all greenhorns at one time, but have learned, and practiced, and practiced, and practiced, and learned some more, and practiced, and...you get the idea.

We've also had a lot of fun along the way. And it's my hope for you that the Café enables you to share in that fun.

So enjoy your flying, and enjoy your magic. You'll get a lot of help here on the latter.

(Although we can't do a blessed thing about your head.)
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Jan 2, 2004 02:44AM)
Hi Greenhorn,

>>whispers Welcome to the Café! (Making sure I don't speak too loudly so as not to further hurt your head.)

The Café is a wonderful resource no matter what your level is in magic. It boast a membership of over 9,000 members and from over 80 countries worldwide. The people here are really friendly so please don't hesitate to post or ask questions of your own. You may want to check out the forum "New to Magic", as it contains wonderful suggestions on what books or vids to purchase depending on your interest.

Enjoy your stay! :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Dr. TORA (Jan 18, 2004 11:42AM)
Hi Vick :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:
Welcome aboard.. Telll us how the Café looks like from that height ...Since you work everywhere in the world, you may enjoy my realTurkish coffee as you visit, Izmir, Turkey.Please have a cup of strong Turkish coffee on my bill while you begin to type your next post.