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Topic: Rsvpmagic presents - Keep Calm & Carey On with john Carey
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Feb 4, 2014 05:50AM)
Hello Everyone,

Here is a link to the trailer for the first of our Blackpool releases starring the brilliant John Carey. Following on from his other DVD projects, this DVD features 13 routines that are brilliant in their simplicity, but also packs a huge punch. All using just a regular deck of cards! Not a gaff in sight!


Running time is 1 Hour 55 Minutes

Message: Posted by: Gaz_Japan (Feb 4, 2014 07:34AM)
Hi Russ,

When will this hit the shops??
Message: Posted by: dman11 (Feb 4, 2014 07:45AM)
I enjoy Johns work, I'll be picking this up for sure
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Feb 4, 2014 09:57AM)
Hello Gaz,

They will ship worldwide on the 21st February.

Thanks for your interest.

Message: Posted by: JohnG (Feb 4, 2014 10:41AM)
Salivating. Cannot wait for this.
John is a prolific creator and I love his stuff.

I've had the pleasure of watching many of these live at The Session and their outstanding.

John G
Message: Posted by: smullins (Feb 4, 2014 11:00AM)
On 2014-02-04 11:41, JohnG wrote:
Salivating. Cannot wait for this.
John is a prolific creator and I love his stuff.

I've had the pleasure of watching many of these live at The Session and their outstanding.

John G

Agreed!!! I love Carey's work, very very very workable!
Message: Posted by: mike donoghue (Feb 4, 2014 11:43AM)
John is among the best.

Obviously a must for anyone who wants great comercial card magic that packs a big punch with minimum effort.

Another "got to have this release"

Mike Donoghue
Message: Posted by: RSchlutz (Feb 4, 2014 11:50AM)
Yay!!! John is one of my heroes of card magic. Very exciting indeed.

Message: Posted by: sgtgrey (Feb 4, 2014 12:20PM)
Just keep calm and Take my money :)
Message: Posted by: coops (Feb 4, 2014 03:11PM)
John's done it again! Another must have.
Message: Posted by: Tom Dobrowolski (Feb 4, 2014 04:29PM)
Wonderful news!! I'm looking forward to this!
Message: Posted by: Lee Smith (Feb 5, 2014 08:49AM)
Well this will be Epic.

What more do I need to say it's John Carey material.
Message: Posted by: John Carey (Feb 5, 2014 01:08PM)
Thank you gentlemen. This project was probably the most fun I have ever had. A very big thank you to Russ and everyone who helped on set. Everything in this collection can be done with just a little bit of focus and attention to detail. No b l busters technically. If you like thought of card material I honestly believe you will find a few items worthy of your attention. My think a think technique opens the door to so many different paths. It is simple, practical and reliable. Attitude based, you will want to use this, I believe. Fans of the mystery card should be kept nicely occupied with the 3 versions offered. All with a different methodology and presentation. Within the body of work are utility ideas applicable to many effects. Tools you can plug in so to speak. Also if you like hands off card work, you will find that too.

I will be on the RSVP stand at Blackpool. Come over and say hi and it will be my pleasure to show you some of the material.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice evening.

John Carey
Message: Posted by: Martino (Feb 5, 2014 02:30PM)
I will not be visiting the stand unless you can promise me faithfully that Ms Partridge will be there!
Message: Posted by: warren (Feb 10, 2014 03:41PM)
If its got John's name on it its a winner and a definite must have for anyone who works in the real world :)
Message: Posted by: John Carey (Feb 19, 2014 11:12AM)
Thank you. Please come over to the RSVP stand at Blackpool, where it will be a pleasure to show you a few of the pieces from this collection.

Message: Posted by: andykean (Mar 1, 2014 03:00AM)
So much practical material great dvd
John Carey has a real knack for quality real world stuff.
Message: Posted by: John Carey (Mar 1, 2014 12:25PM)
Thanks very much, Andy. So pleased you are enjoying the material. Pleased to let you guys know I have stock available directly from my website if you would like to purchase from me. A very big thank you for all the feedback I have received here and privately. Massive thanks to Russ Stevens for his continuing support of my work.

Have a great weekend.

Message: Posted by: davidredfearn (Mar 1, 2014 12:29PM)
You good buddy
DR x
Message: Posted by: Clark (Mar 1, 2014 02:25PM)
This'll just be a quick word about John Carey's brand new offering "keep Calm and Carey on." If you want the short version: BUY IT!

If you have a minute more I'd like to mention that my opinion on this material isn't based in viewing the DVD and then positing a quick word, my opinion on this material comes from actually performing a large part of it each day in my personal work.
I've been very lucky to have access to this magic from early on and I will say without reservation this is absolutely the best project John has released to date.

If you have any of John's previous material you know his unique ability to boil the strongest effect possible down to the simplest, most direct, approach possible. The material looks like magic should look, simple, easy to follow, and *** powerful.
You'll find 'think-a-card' material that is strong enough to fit into ANY performer's repertoire, magician or mentalist.
It's difficult to find one DVD (or book) that simultaneously has material that's strong enough to motivate any top name worker/creator to adopt it, yet simple enough to do that a true novice could perfect it in a short time. I pride myself in trying to be a true student of magic, and I can honestly say that John's work is a continuing lesson in what magic should look and feel like to the audience.

This project comes with my highest recommendation, don't miss out on what John is bringing to magic - trust me on this.

Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Mar 1, 2014 06:29PM)
What he said. :) I haven't seen the DVD, but I think John has shared most of the material on it with me. His stuff is always high impact with minimal work. Just the way I like it.

John, I still want to see the DVD cover with you in a tux, gun poised, called "From Carey With Love". 'Cause your magic is suave like a Bond movie! :)
Message: Posted by: John Carey (Mar 5, 2014 11:16AM)
Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate your kind words. A big thank you to everyone who has purchased the dvd. I hope you have a blast working the material.

Message: Posted by: Blindside785 (Mar 5, 2014 12:02PM)
Mine is on it's way to me, and I really really cannot wait :)

I have "Handle with Carey" and now will have "Keep Calm and Carey On".

I have a lot of Carey DVDs to catch up on.
Message: Posted by: mike donoghue (Mar 6, 2014 10:17AM)
This latest offering has( as standard from RSVP), excellent sound, picture,production & overall quality. Russ never dissapoints.

Now to the material.

John is an excellent teacher and continues with his amazing ability to get maximum effect with minimum effort.

Anyone watching the performances on these DVD's who has been into magic a few years will be able to work out roughly what is happening with some of the effects but lay people will not stand a chance.

Having said that John completely floored me with "Think A Think" even after 3 viewings of the performance I still couldn't see how he was getting it (& I allready use the technique with the cards held vertically).

What 99.9% of people will never ever be able to do, is take known plots and strip away all excess baggage and routine them so beautifully. This is why John is SO CLEVER ! Some exsisting methods for card plots are good at magic conventions & are sadly "moves for moves sake". In real working conditions where a group of people have short attension spans, alcohol in their systems, and there are other things happening like conversation, food to be arriving, wedding photos, 200 people to get around in a 2 hour period for 2 magicians. You aint got much time to make an impact so the stuff has got to reset quick and be extra special.

Johns material hits the mark on all accounts.

I got Johns lecture notes(STREAMLINED) and some of the material is in there so I have allready been using it.

His think a card plots are genius.

I am using several of these routines when I work, which is every week, several times a week. Do yourself a favour and get this DVD.

Not going to spoil the journey for anyone by listing my favourites(also there are TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM )

Thank you so much Mr Carey for another fantastic collection of excellent card magic. Your star continues to shine brightly.

10 out of 10 to RSVP & John Carey.

Mike Donoghue
Message: Posted by: Jared (Mar 6, 2014 03:36PM)
John's latest DVD is in my opinion the finest of the series. It includes wonderfully entertaining card magic that is well taught. I agree with Mike Donoghue's comment that this DVD is a perfect 10 out of 10...Well done RSVP and Mr. Carey!

-Jared :yippee:
Message: Posted by: smullins (Mar 11, 2014 03:04PM)
I just posted up my review here :-)


Well done John, I loved everything on it.