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Topic: Daffy Doug Performs For The Hunchback
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 4, 2004 11:05PM)
This one is going to sound like something out of Gary Larson"s "The Far Side", but I swear it's true.

I was a young magician, (sound familiar), and I was performing for a group of people with "special" mental abilities where they lived in a home especially designed for them.

Anyway, there was this one fella there whos specialty was poking, or at least threatening to poke, a pencil in his eye. (This gets weirder as it goes along, so just bare with me.) But this fellow would hold the pencil in his hand, and make violent thrusting motions toward his eye, trying to convince everyone that he was going to poke his eye out. Why, you ask? The world will never know. I certainly will not. Yes, the universe contains mysteries of which there are no good answers.

Suffice it to say that this man's name was Tom. Oh, did I mention that he had a large hump on his back?

So I had the brilliant idea of performing Grant's "Great Coat Escape" from Mark Wilson's Course in Magic. For those of you not familiar with the effect, which I fondly renamed "The Ropes Through Body", You basicly pass two ropes through a persons sleeve, across his back, and out the other sleeve. Then two persons on either side of him grasp the ropes, pull very sharply in opposite directions, and the ropes pass through the vict...er, the volunteer's body. Tada!

Anyway, ol' Tom was my volunteer, and we ran the ropes through the sleeves, across the back, and out the other sleeve. Normal protocol. Then I chose the two most muscled boys in the room to be the "pullers." They grasped the ropes, and I was all set....for disaster.

I counted to three, they began pulling HARD! But, wonder of wonders, the ropes refused to come out. They wouldn't budge.

Then Tom started groaning and moaning like a poor wounded animal. The sounds that came out of him, well I have never heard such painful crys from a human being.

Meanwhile my two pullers were pulling with all their might and mane, determined to cut him in half. The sweat was popping off their brows, and they were groaning and grunting too.

Then Tom grabbed the pencil out of his pocket and started poking vigorously at his eye. I mean to tell you, it was a nightmare!

Well I finally got things under control, and we removed the ropes through the sleeves the way they had entered. It was then that I discovered the source of our anguish. The ropes, true to Murphys law, had somehow caught, yes, caught on his hump! They could not be released except by my loving hands. Seems that the harder our stout volunteers pulled, the tighter the ropes squeezed the hump.

Well shoot! That explains it! Funny, but Mark never mentioned that in his course. Tada!

There. Now wasn't that a sick story boys and girls? Didn't you enjoy it? I knew you would! :wow:
Message: Posted by: boblinds (Jan 6, 2004 11:57AM)
What a great way to start the New Year. Thanks, SO MUCH, Doug.


Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 7, 2004 12:17AM)
Actually I wasn't starting the new year. The event happened to me over twenty years ago.
Message: Posted by: Cabrera (Jan 7, 2004 09:52AM)
When you first start out in magic there are many "humps" to get over. Funny story Doug!
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 7, 2004 09:41PM)
On 2004-01-07 10:52, Cabrera wrote:
When you first start out in magic there are many "humps" to get over. Funny story Doug!

Now of all the people responding I should have known that Charlie would come off the cuff with some corn! :banana: :kermit:
Message: Posted by: indridcold (May 31, 2004 08:19AM)
Oh my god, I am just imagining this poor block, a-groanin and a-pokin, I just can't stop laughing. Thanks for a brighter day!