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Topic: Starting with IT magic.
Message: Posted by: fengenroll (Jan 5, 2004 05:29AM)
I thing IT magic looks so cool, but it looks so hard(?)But I have been searching around for some beginner IT information in eighter books or DVD's..
Any suggestions on the most basic IT magic would be greatly appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Eirik (Jan 5, 2004 08:34AM)
Hello Fengenroll,
If you are totally new to magic, I would personally wait a while before you get into IT magic.
I belive there are steps you should consider first, like getting into Impromptu magic(things done more or less with everyday objects).
Also learn basic slights with cards and coins - this will help you build up your selfconfidence on performing magic for people.
And when you feel confident enough with the basics, you should expand your horizon and thake a leap into the world of Invisible Thread.
Magicians like Michael Ammar, Jon LeClair, Kevin James and Finn Jon are the guys to search for when you feel you're up to it.

Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jan 5, 2004 12:18PM)
IT is very difficult. The effect is great. I only use it for one or two of my tricks. I agree Eirik, become proficient with other magic first.
Message: Posted by: silverfire9 (Jan 5, 2004 06:05PM)
While I wouldn't say that IT magic is especially difficult, it's a good idea to learn other magic as well. Eirik's approach seems a sound one, and I'd go that route first.

When you're ready to learn IT magic, Michael Ammar is one of the best teachers, and he's got a three volume video series on IT magic. Comes in DVD and VHS and is very good. It doesn't have absolutely everything, but it covers all the basics of IT magic, including the major subdivisions. The series is titled Easy to Master Thread Miracles.

LeClair, Finn Jon and Kevin James are all good sources, too, though I'm only personally familiar with Ammar. So far, anyway.

Good luck with your magic.
Message: Posted by: Dbzkid999 (Jan 6, 2004 01:44AM)
Or you can get Ammar's Thread Miracles videos.
Message: Posted by: magical65stang (Jan 6, 2004 02:45PM)
IT is what got me started in magic. it was one of the first things I started to learn and if you use an ITR then the handling is relatively easy. Of course, once things start to fly you better have something to back it up with. Just play with it in front of a family member or friend, my wife helps gives me ideas on how to make it even more incredible. Ammar's DVD's will help a lot too. Good luck
Message: Posted by: Magic from A to Z (Jan 6, 2004 07:45PM)
I personally enjoyed Ammar's third video. Check out the mint to mouth... I do it to the music theme of 2001 a Space Odyssey..
Message: Posted by: Robert52 (Jan 8, 2004 08:29AM)
I would have to agree . If your interested in IT go with Michael Ammar's thread series . They are great , lots of information on these ,You cann't go wrong . Also check out the other forum on the Café on string and things .Lots of good post here too. Love my morning Coffee :hotcoffee:
Message: Posted by: spatrick (Jan 8, 2004 04:24PM)
If you want to get into elastic loops check out Losanders latest DVD, The Art Of Levitation. Its pretty good, and his hookup variations make the elastic loops easier to work with. He also includes some of his IT bubble magic secrets as well.

S. Patrick
Message: Posted by: JackDaniel (Jan 10, 2004 11:00AM)
Fengenroll, wait with it. Start learning easier routines first.
Message: Posted by: fengenroll (Jan 12, 2004 03:07AM)
Thanks for the replies.
I guess I will start off on easier ground before getting into IT. I've been looking into more Impromptu magic and I'll stick to that for now.
I heard Ammar's DVD, and LeClair DVD are both great. At least I know what to get when I feel capable enough.
Message: Posted by: jmsilhy (Jan 12, 2004 11:23AM)
I just got LeClair's DVD (Who's afraid of IT) , can't wait to watch it and I'll let you know. But I'd like to know where are you now, do you already know a few tricks with IT? I also bought Fearson's floating cigarette routine and well done is a great one! Check it out at http://www.downloadmagic.com there's even a video there. Hope it helps...
Message: Posted by: fengenroll (Jan 13, 2004 07:09AM)
On 2004-01-10 12:00, JackDaniel wrote:
Fengenroll, wait with it. Start learning easier routines first.
Just came home from a visit to my only magic friend, he told me exactly the same thing.

Thanks all for the input, atleast I know what to get.
F. :kiss:
Message: Posted by: jmsilhy (Jan 14, 2004 02:15PM)
Ok fengeroll, I can tell you now a few things about the DVD. It does show you how to do some amazing stuff, I wouldn't say to wait until you learn a lot of magic, but really get comfortable with one or two tricks, they don't even have to be floating things or anything, just moving things with IT will drop jaws! The DVD comes with a supply of IT and some putty (I didn't like it a lot though, I prefer magician's wax)
So if you really like IT, try this DVD and really take the time to practice some of the tricks and I think you should be pleased. If you'd like more info on the contents let me know and I'll tell you.
Message: Posted by: Martin Reinertz (Feb 7, 2004 09:13PM)
Maybe one additional advice on IT magic:

When I got started with magic it basically was because of IT - went to my local magic shop and the owner told me, NOT to get IT but other effects first (because he thought IT was to difficult for me at that time). However, I didn't listen to him and just got some IT, and an ITR (a very cheap one that didn't last long) and an instructional video on the ITR (Vol.2 from the Sorcery Shop, the producers of the original ITR).

And guess what? I had a lot of fun experimenting with it, although it took about a year until I could finally present an IT trick. Then I became so crazed about it that all I was looking for were new IT routines, when my girlfriend suddenly said to me: "If everything hovers, floats and flies it starts to get boring. Can't you do something else?"

Get the point? IT magic is great - no doubt! But use it sparingly; make it the highlight of your performance! In other words: go ahead and also learn other tricks...
Message: Posted by: powen (Feb 9, 2004 12:00PM)
I also started with IT and agree with Martin - when you do eventually get around to learning it, make it the highlight of whatever you are doing, because an IT effect done well is very very difficult to follow...
Message: Posted by: JackDaniel (Feb 10, 2004 06:31AM)
That's why you'll have to learn some basics first, so it flows with the rest of your routine, you can't just go from a selfworking card trick to a Fearson's floating cig...You need something magical in between.

Learn basics with cards, coins, tt's, mentalism first, then you learn basic IT.
Message: Posted by: armagician (Jun 19, 2004 12:23AM)
I beleive anyone can work with IT. (With pratice that is) I don't like any trick with ATRSU get some wolly nylon. Try it
Message: Posted by: BerkleyJL (Jun 19, 2004 12:34AM)
I still haven't gotten any IT work ready for public performance. The LeClair video is great (where I learned), but be sure you practice with video or a mirror and be VERY critical of yourself.

It is very difficult to make something appear to be floating in the air, as opposed to what is actually happening. You'll see what I mean once you get started.
Message: Posted by: rtgreen (Jun 21, 2004 02:51PM)
If there was one criticism I had about the Ammar videos it was they seem poorly prepared compared to his other series. They are the best thing out there for an overview, but they lack the quality I've come to expect from Mike.

John LeClair's DVD is based on his book. It is a great way to get started with IT work because he doesn't just focus on levitation effects. In fact, I think most of the book covers animation effects as opposed to levitation.

I've had a great time playing with variations of the moving knife effect. The invisible deck handling is very amazing since you can use a borrowed deck (though it takes a lot of practice to do confidently) and his living/dead test plays very creepily.

I don't know if all of this in on the DVD, but I highly recommend the book.
Message: Posted by: Richard Lucas (Jun 21, 2004 07:36PM)
I whole heartedly second rtgreen's recommendation of LeClaire's dvd/video.

I don't get all the warnings re "difficulty" - it just ain't so (IMHO). IT is another tool that when studied properly and practiced accordingly, especially lighting conditions, lighting can bust you in a New York Second.

Get the LeClair and go for it. But do not do it without practicing each effect to perfection. When you can perform an effect flawlessly 10 times in a row you are ready to show it to your first victim. Not Before!!!
Message: Posted by: Eirik (Jun 22, 2004 06:09AM)
Agree with Mr.Lucas, Practice Practice Practice...
since you don't get a second chance when performing an IT trick, if the thread breaks you'll have to follow up with something different.
(That's why loops are my best friend)...

Message: Posted by: rtgreen (Jun 22, 2004 12:32PM)
Eirik makes a good point. When working with IT, prepare a backup effect. You never know when you'll be in the middle of an effect and suddenly be left without your method.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jun 22, 2004 07:35PM)
IT is great, no doubt about it. Thing is, if it's the only thing you do, starting off, if they bust you, what will you do then? Kinda have to shrug and walk away. Have some other magic to show. Also, if the IT breaks, you're S.O.L., so have a backup ITR. When I KNOW I'm going to be in a great position to perform with IT, I carry a backup ITR ($10 from Sorcery), and keep it in standby. It's rescued me more times...

Also, if you can, get this book:

[url=http://www.1magicshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/896/language/en]Click Here![/url]

You will find this as valuable as the above DVD's, especially if you learn Mike Danata's "Floating Golden Stick."

Sure hope this helps a bit!

Your Friend In Magic,

Message: Posted by: rtgreen (Jun 22, 2004 07:44PM)
Also, if you want to see some crazy thread work, check out Dirk Losander's Art of Levitation DVD. He works with soap bubbles and it is great.
Message: Posted by: fengenroll (Jul 24, 2004 05:30AM)
I bought a Finn Jon Video from Stevens Magic, the video is old (1989 I think), Finn Jon is using Loops and different IT hook ups for his Soap Bubble and levitation routines,
does anyone know if Losander's routine are original or are they just ripp-offs of Finn Jon's....?