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Topic: Dr Magic in da House!
Message: Posted by: Dr Magic (Jan 6, 2004 05:24AM)
Hello Everyone,

Dr Magic from Sparks is officially on board.

I'm into performing magic and selling drugs.. but only with a prescription! LOL

Thanks for having me. :loss:

Dr Magic
Message: Posted by: Jordan Piper (Jan 6, 2004 09:33PM)
I can see it's going to be fun having you around. Welcome to the Café. :bg:
Message: Posted by: Dr. TORA (Jan 18, 2004 01:54PM)
Hi Doc :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:
welcome aboard...We would be happy to knoe more about you. Anyway, This is a wonderful place to share magic and yopu will like it. Welcome to the Café.Please have a cup of strong Turkish coffee on my bill while you begin to type your next post.