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Topic: Stealth assassin from alakazam, card to wallet
Message: Posted by: calle225 (Mar 13, 2014 11:23AM)
Hello, does anyone know a good card to wallet effect that can be performed with the stealth assassin from alakazam?
Message: Posted by: Redfoot (Mar 22, 2014 08:09PM)
This wallet was kindly demoed to me in Tannen's a few weeks back. It's a great piece of kit. Perhaps you could search for a routine that suits your style? There's lots of information out there - Jerry Mentzer wouldn't be a bad place to start.
Message: Posted by: Redfoot (Mar 22, 2014 08:57PM)
Edit: it was the lovely staff at Fantasma, not Tannen's. Although they're great too :)
Message: Posted by: calle225 (Mar 24, 2014 03:16PM)
Thanks for the advice Redfoot,I'll follow it and search for Jerry Mentzer :) do you mean Fantasma in NY? (Don't know if there are more than one xD)
Message: Posted by: Redfoot (Mar 24, 2014 11:43PM)
Yes, fantasma in NYC - a great store. Both fantasma and Tannen's have their draws: it was fantasma that would happily demo the wallet and it was tannen's that helped me buy the literature I was looking for. I'm getting off topic but I just wish we had these kind of places in the UK :(
Message: Posted by: calle225 (Mar 25, 2014 03:18PM)
Yeah perhaps we are a bit off topic, but still. Don't you have Alakazam in the UK? I have only been shopping through their website but it seems like a good place too. I have also been to Fantasma in NYC, met David Copperfield there (totally off topic but still a nice subject to talk about) :) And regarding the SA, I think I found a way to do a card to wallet, and learned an additional trick in the process ;) Thank you for your advice!