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Topic: TNT - Tricks and Trailer // 007 - Change Special
Message: Posted by: parkrocker (Mar 13, 2014 05:07PM)
Hey Café people!
Hope you're all doing good!
It's time again TNT Episode 007 *humming James Bond theme*
You asked for more products - we did more products - this week we Talked about 3 Tricks and Trailer!
Enjoy it!

ps. Please excuse the bad audio quality after 4 minutes - check the Outtake clip linked at the end to see why it is bad

Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Mar 13, 2014 08:00PM)

Every time I watch I worry about you knocking off the laptop, (hopefully it is secured) I would not thought about the boom mic being an issue.
Message: Posted by: Alex DLF (Mar 13, 2014 08:46PM)
Hey guys :)

Thanks for the review. Thanks also for pointing out we asked before the release if you were ok with it ;)

Some things about Frame and Ink'a'change, Frame was shot in october 2012, way before Ink'a'change was out (but as I said before, there isn't any problem of copying or so, I just wanted to mention it). There is also a handling in Frame where you're reset instantly, apart of putting a card under the pack, you're reset. From hearing friends using Ink'a'change, they had a problem trigerring (not sure if it's actually a word) the gimmick, sometimes it would go too early, sometimes it would never go ^^ But, even if I think reviewing our proper products is difficult, they made a great job telling pros and cons of both.

Great job guys, keep it up :)
Message: Posted by: ABK-Magic (Mar 15, 2014 03:12AM)
Thanks a lot Alex for the nice words and the clarification.

It was a funny and strange episode this week. Don't miss the outtakes. Hehe

All the best

Message: Posted by: Alex DLF (Mar 15, 2014 03:25AM)
Saw that ! A micro attack, it was quite funny :D
Message: Posted by: tomsk192 (Mar 15, 2014 10:58PM)
Enjoyed that.