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Topic: The World Cup...
Message: Posted by: phonic69 (Jun 3, 2002 01:38AM)
It's estimated that 4 billion people will tune in to watch the world cup finals, but who will you be supporting and why?

I'll be supporting England, but my money is on the Argies to take the trophy!

What about you guys?


Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (Jun 3, 2002 02:10AM)
hmm, Argentina looked good against Nigeria. I've still to see Brazil and Italy play though. My money is on France though, despite that disaster against Senegal.

England can't play as badly again as they did yesterday, so I think they'll do ok (quarter finals is realistic).


Message: Posted by: P T Flea (Jun 3, 2002 03:35AM)
I am not sure we will beat Argentina, so unless we can win against Nigeria I can't see England doing all that well. They really need to play better than they did against the Swedes and they definently need Beckham on the pitch for the full 90 minutes.

To answer your question directly I will be supporting England cos I'm English.


:yippee: :yippee: :yippee:
Message: Posted by: J_C (Jun 3, 2002 03:39AM)
Glad to see you guys being positive!
Message: Posted by: phonic69 (Jun 3, 2002 09:54AM)
I think France stand a good chance even though, like you say, they were outplayed by senegal!

I don't see many Americans shouting about the great USA team though, maybe some sports should just be left to us Europeans!

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Message: Posted by: Mr. Ed (Jun 3, 2002 10:35AM)
As a huge sports fanatic, I'll second that. If it were not for this board I would not even be aware the world cup is going on. Of course the NBA finals are going on now so my attention is pointed there. I don't recall seeing anything about the cup on ESPN though.

Dare I ask why most Americans are not as interested in Soccer/Football as the rest of the world?
Message: Posted by: phonic69 (Jun 3, 2002 10:42AM)
Perhaps because they're rubbish at it!!!

Seriously though, you already have enough sports in America like NHL, NBA, baseball and NFL so why football too?

Enjoy the NBA!
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (Jun 3, 2002 12:19PM)
A related question: why is the baseball play-ff called the World Series? It's hardly a global competition, unlike the World Cup.

Why is football less popular in USA? Cos it's hardly on television.

Just a thought.
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Jun 3, 2002 12:43PM)
The baseball playoff in the U.S. is called the World Series because it was originally sponsored by Joe Pulitzer's World newspaper in New York. The paper is, of course, now long gone.
The series has nothing whatsoever to do with the globe, earth, planet, or whatever anyone wishes to call it.
Peter Marucci
Message: Posted by: kellser121 (Jun 3, 2002 01:20PM)
Right, and bak to the question, i am obviously supporting England, however, for the next game here is my view. Why play heckey on the left, when he has never played well in that position, he has "done a job" and been average, but come on this is the World Cup you cannot afford to be average!
I would play Ashley Cole left midfield, with Wayne Bridge left back. And you cannot play Owen and Vassell together, fat too similar, it has to be Either Heskey and Owen or Sherringham and Owen.
As for the winners - France, they were very unlucky against Senegal, on another day both Henry's and Trezeguets shots could have been in the net and Senegal would have been thrashed!
Message: Posted by: phonic69 (Jun 4, 2002 12:34AM)
Kellser121, what a revelation, Sven might want to get in touch with you!!!

I agree though, blatently Heskey should be up front, not on the left wing. I would play Dyer on the wing myself, assuming he could last 90 minutes. That said I am a huge fan of Ashley Cole.

I don't really care who we field as long as we beat the Argies...

Good luck England!

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Message: Posted by: Billy Andrew (Jun 4, 2002 02:07AM)
My vote will go to Argentina.

The best I am hoping for England is second place qualifying and a match against the world champions in the first round. Just a chance to play the world champions is all I want.
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (Jun 4, 2002 03:21AM)
Not sure about Heskey. I think England would do better with Owen and Sherringham up front (Sherringham is definately a tournament player). Owen Hargreaves tries hard but he isn't strong enough yet to hold up the ball well. I think Sven picks him 'cos he plays for Bayern Munich.

I've now seen Brazil and they were great, even if Rivaldo is a cheat (did you see his face clutching theatrics?). Italy looked good too. So, I've narrowed down the potential winners to: France, Brazil, Argentina and Italy. Out of that lot, I reckon Brazil are most likely to win. Italy are too defensive and try to sit on a narrow lead; France may score goals but their defence will leak them; Argentina rely too heavily on Batistuta.

Having said that, the final will probably be between Senegal and Turkey!


Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (Jun 4, 2002 05:24AM)
On 2002-06-03 13:43, Peter Marucci wrote:
The baseball playoff in the U.S. is called the World Series because it was originally sponsored by Joe Pulitzer's World newspaper in New York.

Peter - you may be right, but are contradicted at this site:


Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Jun 4, 2002 07:29AM)
So it would appear. :(
Peter Marucci
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Jun 4, 2002 11:05AM)
OK, the World Cup is on ABC here in The States. If you haven't watched it you haven't been doing your duty as a channel surfer.

The reason soccer is not popular in the US: Cheerleaders. :dancing:

Actually posession is hard to follow for the uninitiated. Like hockey. Now if they had takedowns and fights in soccer it might be as popular in the US as hockey, which is still mild in comparison to other sports.

I know about people being difficult with a unique or new sport dynamic. I'm a foil fencer.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Meadows (Jun 4, 2002 12:06PM)
I liked sabre better, maybe it was just the chance to decapitate my teacher! I fenced for two years to escape the horrors of the rugby pitch; I was fed up of being squashed by 18 stone flankers! :eek: