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Topic: What trick is this?
Message: Posted by: plink (Mar 26, 2014 06:00AM)
6 jumbo card,all different, 3 with YES written on their backs, 3 with NO. Spectator chooses from the face up cards. Their back is shown to be different from all the rest. I believe it may be an Aldo Columbini trick. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Paul (Aug 3, 2014 02:52PM)
Could be a variation of Peter Duffie's "Pick Me, Pick Me Not" which was released via Aldo? A search on Aldo and Rachel's web site should confirm whether it is or not. Rachel is still in business.
Pick Me, Pick Me Not
by Peter Duffie


The performer introduces 6 jumbo sized playing cards and displays them face up. The performer states that 2 of those cards are "unique". The Magician hands the spectator the cards, and asks for them to be cut, and to keep the top card. A second spectator also makes a fair selection of one card. Taking back the remaining 4 cards and turning them face down, the performer displays the first card - on it`s back is printed "You Won`t Pick Me!". Showing the next 3 cards also printed on their backs "You Won`t Pick Me!". Finally the spectators are asked to turn over their two cards. The spectators are amazed to find the backs of their selected cards are printed "PICK ME!!"

Then again, it could just be a six card version of Nick Trost's "Eight Card Brainwave".
Message: Posted by: DonB! (Nov 30, 2014 03:13PM)
Similar effect, same workings, as "Dots Impossible".
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Dec 25, 2014 09:04AM)
I think it's "Pick Me, Pick Me Not", also. Since the cards don't have the words written on them, when you buy the set, the previous owner may have had a slightly different presentation in mind, than what was in the instructions.