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Topic: BOSE
Message: Posted by: kenscott (Mar 31, 2014 02:04PM)
I just bought a new BOSE unit that I am using in my school shows. The BOSE sound system is wonderful. I also bought the new Shure unit and headset. The company I used is http://www.jirehsupplies.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?search=action&keywords=magic&template=Templates/SearchPRAU.html&sortkey=price

They have put together a magic package and I have not found it any cheaper and they are great to work with.

Anyone else using the BOSE sound system?

Ken Scott
Message: Posted by: dearwiseone (Mar 31, 2014 04:59PM)
I assume you're talking about the L1? I've heard it's a great system.

Would you use this in place of something like a Fender PD250? That's what I'm using for larger school shows right now.

Thanks for sharing,
Message: Posted by: Daveandrews (Mar 31, 2014 06:38PM)
Yes, Ken, I have two L1 Compacts.
Sometimes I use them both, sometimes just the one, but they are superb - and, for this old guy, they are very light.
I Bluetooth them with my iPad and Show Cues - a mean combination.

Gary Dunn also uses them, and he's the expert!


Message: Posted by: dearwiseone (Mar 31, 2014 07:05PM)
Yeah Gary told me he loves his!
Message: Posted by: kenscott (Mar 31, 2014 09:01PM)
I did replace my other system with the L1 bose. It is KILLER and the sound is so clear and sweet. Sold my Fender.

This company that I bought it from above also put a nice package deal together that had extra cords that make it EZ and my new mic that I am using.

Message: Posted by: charliecheckers (Mar 31, 2014 10:58PM)
I have been using the Bose L1 system for a few years and have had overall very good satisfaction. Some argue it lacks the true sound quality that the higher end systems offer. While I agree there is some quality compromise, the portability and ease of use make it very attractive. It gets the job done quite nicely in nearly every venue, including larger audiences and even out door events. Coupled with a Duracell Powerpack (for remote power) I am completely portable and self contained. Thanks for sharing the package options Ken. I wish they were available when I purchased mine.
Message: Posted by: Mozart (Apr 1, 2014 07:34PM)
I use a BOSE L1 Model II with the Tone Match engine and the B1 Bass Module. After years of jury-rigging sound systems together, I finally broke down and paid a stupid amount of money to buy quality. I couldn't be happier. Set-up and break down is a 5-minute affair and the sound quality and power are unbelievable. Best of all - no feedback, no cables running across the stage (wireless mics) and no monitors. I bought mine from Sweetwater. Every so often they run a 24-month same as cash sale so in my case, the entire unit is about $100/month.
Message: Posted by: pattrick (Apr 1, 2014 08:12PM)
Yep, My trusty system wend down in November just before my busy holiday season. Replaced it with the Bose L 1 and a new Shure wireless headset. This rocks and I do not have any worries about if my sound system works. I also have my newer show tech notebook system. It's all good to go. Pattrick
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Apr 11, 2014 10:41PM)
In general, as any audiophile knows, BOSE is over-hyped and over-priced. It sounds fine but with a little research you can always find a better system for the money or an equal system for far cheaper.

Those that buy BOSE don't want to hear it but it's just the facts.

I just did a show last night and the sound system I plugged into was great. The first thing I thought (and said out loud to the sound guy) was...

"Must not be BOSE"
Message: Posted by: arthur stead (Apr 13, 2014 08:52PM)
Frank, I agree with you. Though folks may not want to hear it, to me, Bose systems have a harsh sound. They boost the mid-range frequencies. So if you're listening to a piano, bass and drums trio, all you hear is the drums. And forget about classical ... there is no warmth to convey the beauty of a string section. How do I know this? I bought a highly rated Bose stereo system for our living room, and had to return it. Also, my vehicle has Bose speakers ... and I hate 'em ... for the above reasons.

Of course all this is subjective. Other folks might love the sound. In which case I'm happy for you.
Message: Posted by: garydunn (Apr 15, 2014 07:05PM)
Love my Bose rigs - and if you think they're expensive in the States, try buying them in the UK!!
Message: Posted by: gothike (Apr 15, 2014 08:56PM)
I wonder why people like recommending inferior products. From 2 inches away my Iphone sounds awesome too.

Bose as stated above is a subpar system. Their surround sound system sound like a $30 dollar computer speaker system.

To their credit they are excellent marketers that other pro audio companies should follow.

The Bose L1 system does have a slight improvement (less crappy sound reproduction). But performers might enjoy the portability.

Just realize the audio quality lacks and you might get better sound reproduction from lower end made in China unknown brands. Or possibly from using a megaphone or tying a string and two cups together.

With jokes aside, the question is how much audio quality do you want to loose vs portability.
Message: Posted by: garydunn (Apr 16, 2014 02:44PM)
Bose sound quality is superb - I'm EXTREMELY fussy about my sound, and the Bose with my Sennheiser mic is FANTASTIC. I've had DJ's at gigs blown away by the sound that comes out my smallest Bose system. I have an Accoustamass 10 System in my home, run from a top end Denon amp, and it knocks spots off other kits I've heard. In the past I've had Mackie, Peavey, JBL Turbosound but the Bose beats them all.
Message: Posted by: Brian Tanner (Apr 18, 2014 01:59PM)
I believe I know why many of you are bashing BOSE sound systems. Let me say the first time I heard a BOSE L1 system I was less than impressed. I too thought it was harsh sounding and lacking warmth in its tone. In any event, I told the sales rep at Guitar Center that I was willing to buy it and run it through its paces at home and make the final decision whether or not to keep or return the system. So with that I bought the Bose L1 Model 1, 2 Bose B2 sub woofers and the Bose T1 Tonematch Mixer.

What I discovered after some experimentation and lots or Q&A on the BOSE user forum is this: The BOSE L1 system is NOT your typical "Plug 'N Play" sound system. In order to get optimal sound you MUST properly set the gain structure for EVERY channels use ie: Microphones, Music Tracks....and so on. Without proper gain structure you will experience either to weak of a signal, thereby missing out on many subtle yet important frequencies. If the gain structure is set too HIGH: Mics, Music Tracks, etc.. will be shrill and harsh. So proper gain structure is imperative to achieve the best possible sound from the L1!

Once the gain structure is set for each channel, you MUST go through each channel and set the E.Q. This will take some time, but it's worth it.
Another reason some of you didn't like the system when you heard it is because they may have been using an inferior mixer with the L1. I've seen it a million times. A person will shell out the money for the L1 and then go cheap on the mixer. Any good mixer will work with the Bose L1, but the T1 Tonematch has Parametric E.Q., Compression, Limiter, Digital Effects as well as scene settings and memory settings for when you play the same venue you can call up all of your saved settings at the touch of a button.

I'm sure by now you can conclude that I kept the system and you'd be correct. I know there are those that will say that Bose is just a big marketing ploy to make you think you NEED all of their products in order for them to work and that's cool. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I must say this: I get compliments on my sound (as well as the magic) every time I perform using this system. Plus the fact that I'm 52 years old, so I don't mind paying a little more for the convenience of getting huge sound for such a small system.

For the naysayers, I leave you with MY mantra: "I've got highs AND lows, cuz I know how to work my BOSE!!!"
Message: Posted by: gothike (Apr 29, 2014 01:07AM)
This are my final observations.

The Bose L1 System, marketing add at Guitar Center mentions "Good for 100 people". I was just there last week. lol

Now for $999.00 for the L1 and $499 for the Bose T1 Tonematch Mixer you can have "okay" sound for 100 people.

A total of $1,500 without taxes. Guys there are tons of better sounding more economical solutions.

Just watch the video, it looks like about 3 4-inch speakers.

Some Cons:
It doesn't come with a power supply. Bose makes you buy it separately.
It needs more Mic inputs.
It runs in Stereo but there's NO Panning.
Running a monitor mix through the AUX is not user friendly because it shares the same master switch as adjusting everything else.

For $1,500 you can buy two 450 watt Carvin powered speakers (900 watts total), a used wireless system & microphone and a used IPAD.

Any money left over, buy me Starbucks for helping you out...
Message: Posted by: garydunn (Apr 29, 2014 04:27PM)
1. You don't need a tonematch mixer with the Bose L1 Compact ($999) - there are two built in inputs - a balanced mic input, and a phono/jack input for your ipad/mp3 player. It also has a line out - I have two, and can link them for bigger audiences.
2. I regularly use this for 200 plus kids at school shows.
3. The pole slings over your shoulder, and the base in one hand - leaving your other hand free to carry other things. Your whole PA is in the venue, in just ONE lightweight trip from the car!
4. It sets up in about 30 seconds
5. It fits easy in a small car.
6. It sounds awesome - not just 'okay'. I regularly have people commenting on how good and how much sound comes from this small system.
7. I would be in, and set up by the time you were still lugging your big heavy cabs in from the truck...

Hey it's all down to personal preference - but for the gigs I do, and the strike time I require to pack and get to the next party, this is the best investment EVER - just wish I could get them at at your prices!!
Message: Posted by: Tony S (May 1, 2014 02:12PM)
I've never been a big fan of Bose products myself. I agree that for the money you can do much better. Buy a couple of Mackie powered speakers and you'll have much better results.
Message: Posted by: Mozart (May 4, 2014 09:29AM)
I just returned from a post-prom show with an audience of 250 in an antiquated school auditorium designed for 600. Clear, warm and loud sound all the way to the back of the room. The lighting guy turned off the monitors in his booth because they weren't necessary. I agree with several posters on this thread, the BOSE L1 is not plug-and-play. You have to do your homework and fine-tune the channels. Once that's done, however, you can't beat it for sound AND portability.
Message: Posted by: Zuke (May 13, 2014 08:33AM)
[quote]On Apr 11, 2014, Frank Starsini wrote:
...Those that buy BOSE don't want to hear it but it's just the facts...

Judging by the posts that followed, this statement is spot on. ;)