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Topic: My Soundman
Message: Posted by: ThatHypGuy (Mar 31, 2014 06:07PM)
Howdy folks! I've been using a laptop and remote control system for years now, and I thought I would put into videos how to make one for those of us on a "budget" ;)

You can check out the system I use at www.my-soundman.com . If you have a laptop, the software is free to download and you just need to buy a powerpoint (or similar) remote control..Easy peasy!

It's nothing revolutionary, but I really appreciate that I can run my own sounds and music (control the volume, change tracks on the fly), I can rename the tracks to reflect the skits or routines in my show (Full names!) and especiall SEE the show playlist from across the stage! DEECENT!

I hope some of you find it useful.
Richard Cole
Message: Posted by: Eldon (Mar 31, 2014 08:07PM)
Good job Richard. Great little system for those that need to see the tracks that are playing. For now I'll stick to my iPod and Ijet.
Message: Posted by: Jeff Haas (Apr 1, 2014 11:22AM)

You've done a good job making some videos that explain the Winamp setup I figured out 14 years ago. My site has been online since the year 2000:

The main thing that's changed since then is the availability of inexpensive remotes. Looks like you've found a good one!

Message: Posted by: gothike (Apr 1, 2014 06:30PM)
Good job.

If you can Credit your sources that would be best.

Credit: Jeff Haas and DrO and his Next On Stop.

More than likely you might have seen a few of my posts. Though I rather remain anonymous.

FYI, if you follow my Guide you can see how you can set WinAmp to start automatically with OS boot. You might also mention Sound Control Panel and selecting the audio source in the laptops. Maybe a video on customizing the fade times.

Keep up the good work..
Message: Posted by: ThatHypGuy (Apr 2, 2014 06:36AM)
Jeff: Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!
When I first heard the idea of using a laptop with a remote at a magic conference, it was an easy step to put it all together (well, getting the Remote was a tough task!) but I had it up and working on my Toshiba Satellite Notebook (running Windows 98) and didn't look back! (In fact, I used that toshiba up until 2010 when the hard drive FINALLY bit the dust)

Gothike: I will certainly do that. Although I haven't read any of your posts other than this one right now, it sounds like you have great knowledge and insight and I will read more from you, if you would like to create a video or two about your ideas that might be useful as well! I really just wanted to SHOW the easy way to set-up and use the system first. After they get used to the working, then add in customized fades. Thanks for the add on ideas!

I've always been amazed at the latest sound control that gets smaller and smaller and seems to be in a rush to become obsolute, while a simple system like this keeps plugging along.
Great job!
Message: Posted by: gothike (Apr 2, 2014 12:59PM)

24,000 hits so far.

Been using Winamp since the beginning. Had a home entertainment system, Win 95, running mp3z with an old IR remote.

I rather not create a video about this topic. Too many people making money off remote control units that I don't need the drama.

Your more than Welcomed to any of the info I shared.
Message: Posted by: ThatHypGuy (Apr 2, 2014 03:18PM)
Thanks so much!..would love to give credit where credit is due (to you) if you want me to include your name.

Although I'm not too sure how many people would use all the "advanced" feature available with the Winamp, they are MANY!
Say, Gothike, what direction do you think Radionomy will take Winamp now that they have aqcuired it? I've contacted them, but haven't heard much other than standard corporate white paper fulff. Any ideas?
Message: Posted by: gothike (Apr 3, 2014 02:10AM)
Historically, looking at other software packages. They might keep adding a bunch of features, introduce new bugs and bloat it up.

A smart move for them would be to be the ITunes for Android and Google OS. They can also sell more licenses by targeting Apple OS.

It's hard to make a profit when the Free version is fully functional and not trial ware.

Whatever direction the software will head. I personally am not worried since in theory we can run Windows 7 and Winamp on a laptop forever as long as the hardware does not fail and the OS is isolated from internet access.