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Topic: The best Banachek book or Video?
Message: Posted by: WR (Jun 3, 2002 02:22PM)
I was in the local magic shop on Sat. I was looking at the Banachek books. In your opinion which is/are The best Banachek book or Video?
Most magically yours,
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Jun 3, 2002 06:26PM)
All of his material is worthy of study!
PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: Mike Robbins (Jun 3, 2002 06:30PM)
Paul's right, but if I had money for only one at a time, the first I'd get is Psychological Subtleties.

Message: Posted by: CENDRE (Jun 4, 2002 09:44AM)
It's an absolutly fabulous book. :rotf:
But be carefull : It needs a lot of work and you will probably have to find your own way to save yourself when spectators don't do what you expect them to do. With work, you can try to succeed 9/10. In these cases, effects are miracles, but 1/10 you will have to find how to save the trick.
I love very much Banacheck P.S. and I use many parts of this book in my own show.
Message: Posted by: Darmoe (Jun 4, 2002 04:43PM)
:wow: Did anyone happen to mention EVERYTHING THE MAN HAS PUT OUT? :fruity:
Message: Posted by: Allen Gittelson (Jun 4, 2002 05:43PM)
I agree with Paul. All of his material is worthy of study. If I had to pick one item though, it would be Psychological Subtleties. This is a great piece of work on the little things that can help make things seem like miracles.

In thoughts,
Message: Posted by: blurr (Jun 5, 2002 07:35AM)
Definately Psychological Subtleties. Also check out Psychokinetic Touches. This is a 1st rate mental effect. It absolutely kills people!

Message: Posted by: CENDRE (Jun 5, 2002 07:48AM)
It's funny, if we go this way, we will quote every Banachek items :D

In fact, I'm a great fan of Psychkinetic Times too. It's an impromptu miracle, but as all Banachek stuff : Psychologie is far as important than the "handling" of the watch.

But, I must admit that I don't know Psychokinetic Touches... Can't give me a brief description of the effect.

Best Regards
Message: Posted by: CENDRE (Jun 5, 2002 07:49AM)
Sorry, that's not "Psychologie is far as important" but "Psychology is far as important"... *** French!...