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Topic: Roses on a stage & YES/NO+
Message: Posted by: CVawlle (Apr 2, 2014 05:39PM)
Roses on a stage by C. Dayton:

This is a fantastic reading system and framework that offers so much freedom whilst giving you a process that will allow you to keep on track and have plenty to say and talk about, and is purely mental.
You can include the sitter in the process and let them in on everything, or go through it yourself without anyone knowing anything, and you'll never be at a loss for words and will be able to provide meaningful, powerful, interesting readings anywhere and anytime, for anyone.

This can be combined with any oracles you use, be utilized close-up or onstage, and be used for short and sweet readings to full on deep and indepth ones.

The manuscript provides everything you will need to be able to begin putting this to use immediately with wonderful results.
Many variations are provided including using the process for a full-on Q&A.

I can't really say too much more as this would just turn into me gushing over and praising this on and on.

I love this, will be using it, and would highly recommend it :)

YES/NO+ by C. Dayton

This is a yes/no divination system and it is really very good, it's a throwing system where you toss a couple of items and then interpret what you see.

Just as with Roses on a stage, this contains everything you will need to get out there using this with great results, and the info within is indepth and well explained, and the ideas very very good.

The first part of the manuscript is the divination system, with the second part being focused on rituals/spells and the like... this section contains some very effective and powerful pieces, which if used have the potential for rapid and long lasting positive change and feelings.

I highly recommend this work, great material :)

These are available here- http://www.mevproshop.com/roses-on-a-stage-plus-yes-no-plus.html

If you like what you read in the provided link then you cannot go wrong with either of these, love them :)
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Apr 2, 2014 07:19PM)
Wow, thank you my friend!
I'm touched and humbled by the amazing reviews these two books have been getting. I knew that I liked this stuff a lot, but I'm so happy to see that others are enjoying it and getting a lot out of it as well.

I'm happy to have a thread here in "mentally speaking," because this is definitely for mentalists and readers. For those who may have missed it, there is a "latest and greatest" thread as well here:
Message: Posted by: Scott Soloff (Apr 2, 2014 08:15PM)
Let's get the two things out of the way immediately:

1/ I loved this book.

2/ I don't know Courtney and mine was a review copy.

Now down to the nitty gritty. The ad copy reads:

Imagine a reading system that would enable you to do a reading anytime, anywhere for anyone, with no props whatsoever.
They could ask you a question, or just think of one, or have a general reading without a specific question in mind.
Using this system, you could also do an entirely propless Q&A if you wanted, needed or felt the urge to.
Just to be clear: no billets, no envelopes, no one-ahead, no impression devices, no stooges, no pre-show. No kidding.
Like many truly powerful reading systems, the beauty of this system is that it is the real deal -- no subterfuge or tricky moves, 100% legitimate.

Here is my thinking about this material...

Everything in the copy is true. But keep in mind, this is an intuitive reading system. At first glance, this is a right-brain model that very easily ventures into Jerome Finley territory (that is meant as a compliment).

However, you would be wrong. Anyone on the mystery performer's spectrum from your conventional mentalist right through to a genuine shaman would benefit from adding this to their arsenal.

If you're an open-eye performer, adding this material to your show or readings will enable you to establish a stronger rapport with your audience or client. IMHO, resulting in enhanced audience response and what we all desire, more bookings.

Shut-eyes will benefit from including this in their repertoire for two important reasons: (1) It's prop-less and (2) powerful.

And, in either case, easy to learn and just as easy to insert into your act. You can do it your first time out, it will only get better with time.

Before I forget, it can be presented in a secular or mystical context, or for that matter, anything in between.

Roses On A Stage may be performed as a stand-alone or as an addition to a billet Q & A.

I like it so much that in goes into my act this weekend.

Roses On A Stage is a 26 page ebook priced at $37.00

Best wishes,

Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Apr 2, 2014 09:58PM)
Awesome, thanks so much and I hope to hear how it goes for you in your act.
In terms of "Jerome Finley territory," I absolutely take that as a compliment!

I also appreciate your point that this works just as well for believers (shut eyes) and non-believers (open eyes) alike; I think that's important. I find that I personally benefit from being able to understand and operate from either (or both!) points of view depending on the situation.
Message: Posted by: Scott Soloff (Apr 3, 2014 12:38PM)
Yes/No+ by C. Dayton

Another wonderful book by Courtney....

A question that many will ask is "Do I really want another reading system?"

My opinion is that in this instance the answer is invariably 'Yes'.

The Yes/No+ system is primarily presented as an adjunct to a regular reading. An approach to dealing with yes/no questions without having your reading stopped dead in its tracks. But it is evident that it is much more than that.

It can be utilized as a quick reading as a stand alone or even expanded to a full reading without incorporating it into another system.

The mentalist that does readings on the side will enjoy its simplicity and impact. A shut-eye can add it as a powerful tool to his/her repertoire.

Best of all, it is super easy to learn: nothing to memorize. Read the book, play with it for a little bit and you're ready to go.

And for those of you that into shamanism and magick there are a variety of folk magic spells and prescriptions.

Something that the author doesn't go into but should be considered is that with a little imagination this variety of reading may be done completely impromptu with everyday objects.

This is a 64 page ebook priced at $37.00
Available here: http://www.mevproshop.com/roses-on-a-stage-plus-yes-no-plus.html

I genuinely like this and recommend it highly.

Best wishes,

Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Apr 5, 2014 12:55PM)
I just had the chance to check out Roses On A Stage and must say I really like it. This is a nice multi-purpose reading foundational system that offers so many possibilities. It is easy enough to be the beginning steps for those just entering the world of readings, yet can be a great part of more advanced readings or systems, while at the same time can be utilized as part of mentalism premises and even Q&A. What a utilitarian system.

I love it's simplicity that allows you to focus on presentation. It's premise is so easily universal that it is what opens this up to so many opportunities and possibilities. The info contained offers plenty, but the fact of how it triggers the imagination for other uses and applications is a great bonus. It's propless and can be as simplistic or layered as desired. It's application can grow as you grow or venture into other and different areas. What's great is it is with you and ready for use at all times.

Very nicely done, and well written. Haven't had the chance to check out YES/NO+ yet, but am looking forward to it too.
Message: Posted by: Jerome Finley (Apr 5, 2014 02:07PM)
Just wanted to add my review from "Latest & Greatest" to this thread as well, keep things situated...

My early review and praise for seadog's stellar offering continues to grow with more use and repeated application...I really love it and I'm using it specifically with Scott Grossberg's world-class "The Vitruvian Square" and my own "Psychic Directions" system (all mental constructs, internal approaches and systematic visualizations) with dreamy results.

In L&G I wrote,

I'll happily go on record and say I agree with Millard Longman, Richard Webster and Luca Volpe on this one!

This is some really excellent work. I had seen early drafts of "Yes/No" and thought it was brilliant back then. Upon receiving the latest updated version from MevPro I was thrilled to see it expanded upon, cleaned up and added to in some very valuable ways. The intro to folk magic alone is worth it and many of the techniques our humble author teaches have since been adapted and become a permanent part of my traditional Zulu bone readings, African shamanism and tribal mediumship (communing with the ancestors). It's a wonderful contribution, simple, straight forward and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend it.

Now..."Roses on a Stage" is a proper MASTERPIECE and Courtney should be thrilled with his offering - I know I am, and I know several of my close friends and peers who are just as excited about it and grateful to now have access to it. This is something extraordinarily special and right up my alley. Speaking personally, this reading system and experience it provides is one of those rare pieces and bits of business that will quickly become invaluable to me and will earn its rightful place in my permanent repertoire.

"Roses" provides one with an instant reading system, self-contained, ready to go and accessible anytime, anywhere and really packs a punch. It's very flexible in execution and can be used in any situation ranging from one-to-one readings, couples' readings, small group readings and psychic home parties, parlor work and even full blown stage events and large gallery readings/Q&A exhibitions.

It's funny how synchronistic things in my life have been lately and "Roses" comes at a perfect time. I've been discussing my latest work with and approach to flower readings amongst select friends, peers and teachers a lot lately and I've been holding weekly gallery events and a Candlelight Spiritualist Service combined with flower readings at a private location here in Boise and got my first opportunity to include "Roses on a Stage" yesterday for our congregation (twice). Being quite familiar with this sort of material, thinking and approach already (I liken it to Millard's breathtaking "Crossing Over" mental/emotional/propless/REAL/internal sťance or Enrique Enriquez' classic piece "The Invisible Gemstone") "Roses on a Stage" both played flawlessly and felt natural to me as the guide, reader and facilitator as well as to those gathered with me from beginning to end.

What I didn't expect, at least to the degree in which I received it in turn, was the incredible response everyone had to the whole experience and how much wonderful, immediately useful, practical, insightful, poetic and useable information was received, revealed and happily shared instantly as a result of this approach, process and application. It really is phenomenal and again, there are a million different ways I can utilize something like this and though I played it fairly straight and strictly "by the book" yesterday, I've already started serious work on several unique variations that I'll be testing and putting through the paces in my field trials and private practice starting immediately. If you're looking for a tremendous approach to readings, propless or not, if you're seeking a strong, beautiful, inwardly visual and outwardly effective method for connecting with others at a very deep level, splashing some color, variety and texture across the velvet expanse of their inner space, this is definitely for you.

As Luca points out, "Roses" is another tool which radically helps to solve the problems involved with a mass-reading experience and everyone gets something incredibly special and practically meaningful to them personally as a result of what CK has provided us here. On top of this, my own work, trials and experimentation, some recent work on flower readings I got from Docc Hilford and all the great material released over the last few years by Neal Scryer (and especially the rose-oriented powerhouse material from his new "Strictly Scryer" book!), revising the Candlelight Service to center around flowers and their colors instead of candles or in combination and tandem with them as I'm now doing (candle magic and flower spells for attraction/creation/manifestation, spiritual cleansing, clearing and purification, divination, traditional folk baths and more) and this is yet another piece that caused me to break my own rules and adopt another performer's signature material, which, in this case, is more than worth it and would be idiotic for me to pass up...it's so good, truly.

I'm really happy for you, seadog93! Kudos and congratulations to you in advance...both of these books should be a welcome addition to many a professional mind reader's program and skill set, a trusted "go to" event and process for private readers and Q&A aficionados, as a deluxe tool for rapid relaxation and guided visualization to be used by hypnotists, hypnotherapists, energy workers, psychic mediums, spiritual healers and shamanic practitioners around the globe and that's to name just a few!).

This has been a great last few years for mentalism, especially when it comes to what I've taken under wing permanently and claimed as my own...it started with Enrique's pivotal work with the "Invisible" series, came around to Bill Cushman's "Jumping Pulse", evolved to include Scott Grossberg's "The Vitruvian Square", crossed the threshold completely with Millard's "Crossing Over", continued to include all of the new and beautiful Scryer material and offerings, Dave and Iain's "TPR", Aaron Alexander's "Bridge" and now CK's "Roses on a Stage." I can't remember ever taking up so much new material in such a short time, but then again, never before in the history of this artform has there been so much incredible talent, groundbreaking work and world-class offerings being made available to us as it is right now.

These are great days for mentalism and mind readers everywhere. Thanks again Courtney for making this available. I love it and I'm using it...that's the highest praise I can possibly give ANYTHING.

To those rare "forever pieces",

I'd like to go even further now and suggest this was even much more than I could see, feel and experience at first glance. The more I work with it, the stronger, more direct and effective it becomes, as it goes with all things, though what makes "Roses" unique is the speed of its advance in my own toolkit and for this I couldn't possibly be more grateful. Thank you, Courtney. This is absolutely marvelous!!!
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Apr 6, 2014 12:58AM)
Thanks so much everyone. :-)

Excellent point about the impromptu possibilities of yes/no+. These weren't on my mind when I first came up with the process, but there is no reason not to do it impromptu at all. In fact I have used the mental construct of "Roses on a Stage" to do a prop less yes/no+ and found it to be very satisfactory as well.

I'm really happy you liked it. I always love your posts and find them incredibly useful, so it really means a lot.

Again I am humbled.
Based on your recommendations and the mention in your review I have been studying candlelight spiritualist services and I am very excited. Not only is the message bearing service absolutely beautiful in and of itself, I think combining it with "Roses on a stage" and "Natural Mediumship" is a mind-blowing combination. ("Stricly Scryer" just showed up here as well, so I'm certainly looking forward to checking out his "rose-centered powerhouse"!).
Message: Posted by: Jerome Finley (Apr 6, 2014 12:24PM)
You know, Courtney...once you read through Scryer's Rose material (his pendulum and rose clearing, the 12 roses piece, etc) you'll realize that by combining his premise with your interior/mental methods, constructs and visualization that EVERYTHING I'm speaking about here can still be accomplished via energy, intent, deep breathing and guided meditation/hypnosis and still work a dream...brilliant stuff from you both and thanks again!
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Apr 7, 2014 06:49AM)
Not in any way a negative, but I enjoyed this because it is "plug n play", as in - you can roll this around with other motifs and methods to suit you (or indeed, pull you out of a comfort zone)...

i have been a big fan of rose petal based readings (and my own mentalism routines using them) - so I am impressed with this work, well done sir, well done...

sorry to be brief, but everyone has already expressed what I would have said anyways...

though if any of you guys have the product called "aroma" that was released last year, using that as you come to the finale of the reading just makes it tip over the edge (for me), especially if you frame it as them allowing you into their mind to such an extent you can both smell the flowers around you...and gives it a nice ending too...
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Apr 8, 2014 04:43PM)

Thanks so much, I'm happy with "plug and play." :-) the adaptability and directness are definitely some of my favorite aspects.

...now I'm going to search out "aroma," that is a really subtle and beautiful idea.
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Apr 25, 2014 12:17PM)
I've been elated, and humbled, at the great response that my books have gotten recently.
The good reviews have been amazing and wholly unexpected (maybe I shouldn't mention that though, it could work against my psychic street cred!).

I just got a really wonderful e-mail this morning, from Richard Webster:
Thank you very much. I thought "Yes/No" was going to be a book on simple ways to answer yes/no questions. I had no idea it was going to be such a fascinating treatise on spirits, prayers, candles, incense, mojo bags, divination - and so much more. Congratulations on writing a wonderful introduction to folk magic. You write in a caring, gentle way that makes absorbing the information effortless. Readers are spoiled for choice nowadays with many excellent books to choose from. "Yes/No" should be high on the list of anyone who wants to give helpful and insightful readings to others.

Thank you very much for letting me read it. I hope you're on a roll, as I'm looking forward to reading your next book.

Warmest wishes,
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (May 20, 2014 11:13PM)
Currently working the following:

-Energy experiment (Scryer's black book)
-Rose pendulum followed by rose clearing (Strictly Scryer)
-Roses on a stage Q&A, including a few examples of "changing the rose."
-Crossing over (As described in "Natural Mediumship")