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Topic: Foiled again
Message: Posted by: Shenaniganz (Jan 9, 2004 06:27PM)
This is pretty funny. I thought you all would get a kick out of this. Especially the book that was not covered.

Message: Posted by: Shenaniganz (Jan 9, 2004 08:00PM)
My favorite practical joke is to tape newspaper over someones closed bedroom door while they are sleeping, and fill the gap between the paper and the door with styrofome packing peanuts.

Whats your favorite practical joke?
Message: Posted by: volant (Jan 9, 2004 08:25PM)
That joke wasn't very practical. :lol:
Message: Posted by: nums (Jan 10, 2004 12:17PM)
I have not done it but would love to drill a hole in my medicine cabinet and fill it with marbles, if someone snooped ......HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE or get a realistic body, bloody it up and put it in the tub behind the curtain and wait to see if someone snoops

Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Jan 10, 2004 12:59PM)
We once filled a friend's apartment floor with thousands of little dixie cups full of water. It took him hours to pour them all in the sink! He went through 8 lawn-size garbage bags all full of crushed dixie cups. Ahhh, good times!
Message: Posted by: josie67 (Jan 10, 2004 01:45PM)
In college my friend's room was the first room in the house, right after the front porch. One afternoon when we had returned from Winter Break (this particular friend was not back yet), we decided it would be funny to move his entire room out on to the porch. Furniture, clothes, everything.

It took us about an hour, after which we all went to a bar to hang out. Wouldn’t you know it, while we were out there was a blizzard.

When we got back (just about 5 minutes after our dear friend got into town - his "room" was already under about 8 inches of snow. Needless to say, he was not pleased with us at all and we spent the following semester watching our backs!
Message: Posted by: leefoley3 (Jan 10, 2004 07:05PM)
I haven't done this yet but I will. I have a mirror that's approx. 1 sq.ft. I want to hang it so that if you are seated on my toilet you'll be looking at yourself in the mirror! I crack up everytime I really think about it and I don't know why I think it would be absolutely hilarious, but I do. What do you guys think? :bg: Lee.
Message: Posted by: Reg Rozee (Jan 11, 2004 04:04AM)
My roommates and I in university had practical joke wars. I came back to my room from the shower once to find every stitch of my clothes AND MY BED in the downstairs hall!

We were renting rooms in an old Victorian house, and I "haunted" my roommate across the hall from me for weeks before he found out. He was getting thoroughly creeped out by the time I was revealed.

At first, I would just sneak in and leave pennies from his change dish in odd locations in his room. Then I started spelling out his name with them on his computer keyboard. Leave his light on, move his hat slightly, nothing more. Then I put coins on the eyes of the stuffed bear he had, and he started getting a little creeped. Plus we were all really playing it up innocent, and asking each other if we had "just heard that noise" and so on... :lol:

Finally one night I ran a loop of black thread under our doors into his room and around a small toy on wheels on his desk. After we turned in for the night I knew he would read a while, so I waited about fifteen minutes and then gently began to pull on the thread so the toy would roll across his desk. I heard a bit of a muffled gasp from across the hall, and trying not to laugh I pulled on one end of the loop so I could get the whole thread out and leave no evidence. Unfortunately it was tangled and stuck! :mad:

I pulled harder and harder, figuring he would get up to look any second, and finally gave a huge tug. There was a loud crash from his room, and all I could hear was "Ooooh ****!! OOOOOHHH ****!!" :wow: Trying to hide my laughter, curious, and figuring I still might be able to get the thread out without him noticing, I knocked on his door, and went in to find him sitting on his bed and white as a sheet. :fear: I had run the thread behind a small sign and a water gun in his corner, and when I started pulling harder apparently they had become tangled in the thread and started floating! Worse still, when I gave a sharp tug the thread had thrown them into the middle of the room!

By the time he was done telling me all this, I was laughing so hard I could barely stand :hysteric:(along with the rest of my roommates), and he found the thread right after that. Come to think of it, I think it was the next day my clothes and bed disappeared... :rotf:

-Reg {*}
Message: Posted by: Shenaniganz (Jan 12, 2004 03:26PM)
I have a favorite that is guaranteed to drive someone crazy.

Go to your local pet shop, and buy about $2.00 worth of crickets. You should get about 2 dozen. Empty the bag into someone's car.
Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Jan 12, 2004 07:00PM)
Oh geez Reg. When did your eye start doing that blinky thing? Talk about creeping me out. Great story though.

Message: Posted by: nums (Jan 12, 2004 10:03PM)
How about marbles in the hubcaps? When I had a real job we would put grease under each others door handles..... ewwwww that one really sucks.

Message: Posted by: Reg Rozee (Jan 13, 2004 03:12AM)
On 2004-01-12 20:00, lastnitesfun wrote:
Oh geez Reg. When did your eye start doing that blinky thing? Talk about creeping me out. Great story though.

What do you mean? What...OUCH! OH, THAT REALLY HURTS! :lol: Actually, there's been a "twinkle in my eye" for a very long time, but most people don't notice...

-Reg {*}