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Topic: Easter - Whose on First
Message: Posted by: harris (Apr 17, 2014 08:26AM)
Yes Jesus is always first.

For next year, I am thinking of starting a new vent routine.

H. What a blessed time of the year it is
N. Yep, I get lots of CANDY.
H. Nigel?
N. Yes ...I clean up as much a Halloween
H. Nigel do you know what Easter means
N. Sure it's one of the 3 times, some of my friends come to church
H. 3 times?
N. Yes, Christmas, Easter and Pot lucks.
H. You know Easter is Sunday
N. Of course
H. and tomorrow is Good Friday
N. Duh
H. Well today is Maunday Thursday
N. What
H. It is Maunday Thursday
N. No it's Monday Monday
H. Not Monday ....Maundy
N. monday monday...so good to me..(starts humming song)

More to be written as I explain the Passover / Last supper and the Lamb of God...
Message: Posted by: djjkarate (May 5, 2014 04:52PM)
Yup...made me chuckle !!!!
also: who's on the cross ??? what's in Heaven ?? I don't know is in the tomb..?? JESUS !!!