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Topic: Rechargable batteries & portable PA
Message: Posted by: Zuke (May 1, 2014 04:26PM)
Hi folks. I have my PA, sound control and headset mic receiver all built into a box. I have a lead which then runs out of the box and plugs into power. However, I would really like a portable (battery) PA but I don't want a commercially available one, I want to convert my existing so that it can run off a rechargeable battery. The question is how?

I was hoping that rather than plug into a wall socket that there might be some sort of battery powered 'thing' that I could plug into, something powered by a rechargeable battery. Reading this post back it sounds a bit vague but hopefully you get what I mean. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? I've tried Googling but I guess I'm using the wrong search terms.

I'd really appreciate any advice from those more technically mind than I. :)

Many thanks!
Message: Posted by: gothike (May 1, 2014 09:16PM)
Depends how long you want to run your equipment and your watts.

I personally use a Pure wave power inverter and a marine battery with high amp hours. Smaller battery, less hours, less weight.

You have to determine the wattage of your equipment to match the pure wave inverter watts.

FYI, Modified Sine Inverters cause static noise. Waste of money SK make sure it says Pure..
Message: Posted by: Zuke (May 2, 2014 02:30AM)
Brilliant gothike! Thanks so much for that, exactly the sort of thing I was after. Much appreciated!
Message: Posted by: gothike (May 2, 2014 02:51AM)
Thanks. Been called brilliant and other four letter word before. =)

You could also use a regular car battery, it just does not have the Amp hours as a deep cycle marine battery (looks like a car battery).

A quick Googgle search for "pure zine vs modified zine inverter" will bring up what I said in details. It boils down to the signal and harmonic noise. Your wireless mics will be randomly buzzing, think tesla coil sound. It may or may not happen, but better safe than sorry. The cost of the pure zine inverter is a little steep but worth it, I say 3 to 4 times as much.
Message: Posted by: Michael Messing (May 3, 2014 07:54AM)
Just a quick clarification, it's a pure sine wave inverter vs. modified sine wave inverter. (Auto correct might have changed that to zine in gothike's post.) In addition the the noise modified sine wave inverters can add, they can damage sensitive electronics.

If you don't want to create your own setup, here's an option using a lithium ion battery with a pure sine wave inverter:

The advantage to using a lithium battery is that it's much lighter in weight and doesn't have the maintenance requirements that sealed lead acid batteries (which is what the deep cycle marine battery is) do. Sealed lead acid batteries have to be charged regularly whether you use them or not and have to be topped off every time you use them. Not keeping them charged will reduce their ability to hold a charge and reduce their life. In addition, overcharging can damage them, as well.

The system I linked to is made to run photography studio lights. I have used one with my Roland CM-30 PA system with music running through it and, after an hour of use, it still had plenty of charge left. How long it will last with your system depends on how much power you are drawing. The great news is the Paul C Buff, Inc. (the manufacturer/seller) has a 60-day "Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee,: giving you 60 days to try out the equipment and make sure that you love it. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 60 days for a full refund. (You won't get a refund on the shipping charge, though.)