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Topic: 1 inch sponge balls tricks
Message: Posted by: jmsilhy (Jan 12, 2004 12:20PM)
Hi guys, I got a set of 4 sponge balls and I'm wondering what's the best tricks to perform with those. I like to perform magic on restaurants and bars, or almost any close up situation. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Bill Beach (Jan 13, 2004 09:06PM)
Paul Green in his "In the Trenches" DVD teaches a great routine using 1" and 2" spongeballs. It shows him performing it at the Magic Castle.

Plus, you get a lot of other great material, from coins to ropes to cards. Highly recommended!!

Bill Beach
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jan 14, 2004 12:37AM)
I love making 2 appear in the spectator's hand. For me the most powerful magic takes place within the spectators hands.
Message: Posted by: Koolmagic114 (Jan 19, 2004 01:09PM)
There is a ton of sponge ball magic out there. If you can find it there is a book, (a bit more on the expensive side if you can find it) Garcia Encyclopedia of sponge ball magic" Has eveything and anything you would want to know on sponge ball magic.

But there is another small pamplet put out by Magic City called spong ball magic.

Also there is a DVD put out also called Easy To Master SpongeBall MAgic (or something like that) But it is only like a $15 DVD. SOme very good tricks and ideas on there.

Message: Posted by: jmsilhy (Jan 19, 2004 09:58PM)
Thanks for the help guys, I wil try to find some of the sources you mention here.
Message: Posted by: acediamonds (Jan 23, 2004 10:56PM)
You could always do the classic Cups and Balls trick using the balls you have. You have probably heard of it already. It works great for a young audience.

acediamonds :righton:
Message: Posted by: Tony Ley (Jan 30, 2004 06:56PM)
Jimsilhy -
For a couple of REALLY great routines that will set you far apart from the typical sponge job, check out John Carney's routine Current Classic from his absolutely incredible book, Carneycopia. A VERY strong routine can be found in Michael Ammar's Encore 3. Inside the book you'll find Roger Klause's sponge routine, simply titled Sponge Ball Up Sleeve. If you're not familiar with the routine, here's the effect description right from the book:

'EFFECT: A sponge ball disappears only to reappear up the sleeve of the SPECTATOR'S coat! Then, incredibly enough, the effect is REPEATED.'

Think about that! In his write-up of his own routine, John Carney even includes a spot where you can work the Klause routine into his own to make a spectacularly strong routine.
One other fun sponge thing to check out is Michael Ammar's 'repackaged' sponge rabbits. You could not ask for a better little sponge routine that opens itself up to bits of business. You can do the sponge bunnies with a little blue humor at the bar and your buddies OR you could be sticky sweet with it in front of the kiddies. And the instructions are typical Ammar; clear, concise, and letter-perfect. I worked at a sad little magic shop not too long ago. We got in a shipment of those cute little bunnies. I'd never done sponge ANYTHING before! Five minutes after I opened the box and looked at the instructions, I performed it for a family and we had the best time with it!

Hope this helps,
Tony Ley
Message: Posted by: Ollie1235 (Feb 15, 2004 04:04PM)
If you want a brill sponge ball routine and many other brilliant tricks then go to ultimatemagic.com
Message: Posted by: elgranmago (Mar 6, 2004 03:05AM)
Have a look at Scott F. Guinnīs "Peanut Butter and Jelly" routine. You need three sponge balls and two simple and inexpensive props. You will find this on Guinnīs DVD "Great Scott, Itīs Magic". I own it and itīs very good. He also has the routine in written form. He was recently selling out all his stock.


Message: Posted by: jmsilhy (Mar 8, 2004 06:51PM)
Thanks to all for the replies, I'm so busy right now with Wilson's book, RRTCM, Bobo's book and more stuff that I have already a big waiting list. It's just that I think small sponges will be a fun routine even in bars/clubs where I usually perform (just for fun)... Also I like to practice a lot the tricks before showing them, so I don't expose anything...
José, gracias! Te mando un PM...
Message: Posted by: Oz Fan (Mar 8, 2004 09:23PM)
Check out Hampton Ridge 25 amazing tricks with sponge balls.
Message: Posted by: troppobob (Mar 9, 2004 05:47AM)

You have received a great lot of excellant info to follow up with. I would like the time to check it all out myself.

I noticed that you mentioned that you have one of Wilson's books that you are using as a basis for your sponge ball routine. I have developed on the routine in Wilson's "Cyclopedia of Magic" and am finding it to be very effective in the walk around setting.

Today we did a stage show at a local high school with about 1,000 in the audience. After the show we were invited into the "playgrond" (that is a common Australian word that describes the outdoor area of the school and I am not sure how it translates into other countries). Any way in the playground we made some baloon animals and performed some close up magic completly surrounded. I pulled of my sponge routine without a hitch including what I consider to be a dangerous fnal load of 4th ball from my pocket with absolutley no reason to be putting my hand in the pocket. It works with some subtle misdirection. I felt great and the young audience were most encouraging.

Enjoy working with those squishy little balls.

Bob Latta (Troppo Bob)