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Topic: Mobius coin wallet
Message: Posted by: IAIN (May 8, 2014 03:42PM)
From - http://www.rfaproductions.com/products/mobius.html
price - $30-$60, depending on amount and where you live
disclaimer - tony kindly sent me one to play around with, so I did...

What you get:
mobius coin wallet obviously
link to instructions and demos which are ever growing!

What is it:
a small triangular leathery wallet/pouchy thing

Tell me about it:
Ok, I will. Black leather, metal popper studs construction, fits in the palm.

Why is it in the mentalism section?
Because I wanna do a quick reviewette of it, and talk about its uses. Lets get the elephant out of the room. Some guys I have heard had said "ooh! I can use this with b*ll*ts!" - and I say "noooooooooooo!". ITs over complicating it, and drawing too much attention to a lovely device, which will make everything look odd. Business cards + wallet or card case, fine. But this looks like what it is, a coin case. Put coins or poker chips in it. There.

What does it do exactly?
If you really wanted to, you could unpopper the entire thing, and nothing to see. Close it up/assemble it and then pour out a coin. Because of its sneaky construction, you can do pretty much everything you can do with a SUC. Though it certainly isn't based on the SUC principle. One side is kosher, the other side..well..isn't. But in a clever way, you could certainly show that side to have say a red poker chip inside it, but in the same breath, pull out say a green one. So in a way, you could treat this as a multi-*** device for 3 objects if you wanted to.

Because you can l**d and st**l while its closed up is also very useful. I've only had it for two days, so not had much chance to do anything with it, apart from the very basics...I was also impressed how cleanly it hides a certain something. The material it uses looks very light and flimsy, but is actually made out of a very tough material. I think you could probably keep a few i-ching like coins and pendulum inside this, and go about your business quite happily.

I think this is useful to mentalists for quite possibly unobvious stuff...i mean you could just use it for a way of storing certain special coins in the pocket if you use them for anything, but I am sure there are lots of uses for it that need to be explored...9/10 for quality and interest, and it does what it was built for beautifully.
Message: Posted by: NeilS (May 8, 2014 04:09PM)
I have this on order and really look forward to discovering more about its potential.

One initial thought was to put a coin in it, close the wallet and get the spectator to hold it and concentrate. When the wallet is opened the coin has a bend or kink in it.

As I say, just an initial thought but just so much depends upon the spectator concentrating really hard .....
Message: Posted by: IAIN (May 8, 2014 04:22PM)
I like that you can st**l and l**d...so you could do any coin named, that kind of basic thing...but its nice that with correct management, they can open it up and remove the coin...and depending on how you set it up, it would make koran's golden medallion a cinch with some PWing...
Message: Posted by: Doomo (May 8, 2014 04:40PM)
Hello Iain... I have been keeping the mentalism aspects of this sub rosa as per yours and anothers request. So I guess this means the cat has escaped so to speak? So does this mean you liked it? And Neil... I have paid attention but as I said I was kind of promised to keep mum for a while...

Message: Posted by: IAIN (May 8, 2014 04:59PM)
Yeah I like it tony...i wouldn't have scored it as highly as I did otherwise...

i think there's lots of uses for it in magic and mentalism...its just a personal thing (the b*ll*ts comment) - I'm sure there's plenty who would prove me wrong though...hope it does well for you....

the only bit I missed out on was that maybe some of the bizarre guys (and some of us) like a dark brown leather and copper coloured stud version too...
Message: Posted by: Doomo (May 12, 2014 07:06PM)
Well the first run of the Mobius is entirely sold out. I will make more but not for a while as I have a lo9t of other projects to work on. When I do they will cost more. Ya shooda bought em while ya had the chance. A Spanish coin guy named Rubiales bought the last 2.