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Topic: MagicWebFX 2.0 on the App Store
Message: Posted by: magicmarcuk (May 16, 2014 07:16PM)
Hi all,

I'm finally releasing my [b]MagicWebFX 2.0[/b] app on the iOS App Store.

This is a [b]complete overhaul[/b] of v1 with a brand [b]new method, new ideas and new features[/b].

Basic version app (without custom images) is £16.99 for a [b]short time only[/b].

The best way to leave a spectator with your website and contact information.

Demo video:

App store link:

[b]The Effect[/b]
A spectator visits your website on their own phone, tablet or computer. A photograph is pointed out and they are asked to name any playing card.
The spectator then looks at the photo that has been on the screen of their own device the entire time to see a perfect match.
Message: Posted by: Myke Phillips (May 17, 2014 04:23AM)
To say that I'm disapointed in you Marc is an understatement. Actually, I am more "upset" about loosing a friend than I am about what you have done here.

This "2.0" release is a perfect example of where greed comes before friendship,loyalty and respect. This is like saying "!@#$ you Salah and Myke "my friends".

Oh well, I live and learn as I grow old, but I do not forget.



Message: Posted by: magicmarcuk (May 17, 2014 07:05AM)

[b]I believe any issues between us should be dealt with in private without the need for public defame. I've been nothing but courteous to Salah and yourself over this and every matter and I would expect the same from you.[/b]

However, I'll take this opportunity to respond quickly with my thoughts and to clear the air for others.

I came up with the idea for MagicWebFX alone in early 2013 and then created a very basic version for myself. I later came to Salah and yourself as I wanted to use an input method that Salah himself had created for a different project.

I've since created the entirety of the app, the backend web service and everything else required to create MagicWebFX. This has taken several months of MY time.

In order to improve and submit the app to the App Store, I had to replace the input method that I was using from Salah, along with many other elements of the app. I made the decision to continue with my app alone and paid Salah and yourself everything owed to that point.

On the point of:

[b]Trust[/b]: Salah and yourself have received every penny that you were ever owed. Please let me know if this is not correct.

[b]Greed[/b]: We were selling v1 of MWFX for 50, meaning that I received 16.67 per sale. At 16.99, after Apple's 30% cut on the App Store, I am now receiving 11.89 per sale. That means I'm now receiving LESS than I was before.

[b]Friendship[/b]: I was very respectful to both of you and sent you an email with my thoughts. Salah replied and said he is 100% OK with me going forward alone. You however didn't reply and deleted me as a friend on Facebook, which makes me think that you no longer have a use for me. This is the first I've heard from you since.

[b]I do feel a lot can be said about the professionalism and integrity of someone who chooses to publicly slander another on their own thread when gaining nothing in return.[/b]
Message: Posted by: Myke Phillips (May 17, 2014 07:55AM)
How many of you here would start a project with someone if you knew that they would drop you from it, not once, but twice? I know nothing is absolute with these things but Marc you have shattered your image before you have even started.

I have deleted all other communication with you Marc because I have no time for you and how you have conducted yourself in the MWFX project. I gave you everything and I would have done anything for you but then you dropped me when you couldn't use me anymore. However you choose to get around it with words, that is a fact!

Regarding greed, your point about you not being greedy falls flat because you have purposefully dropped the price of MWFX to hit a wider audience, where we, (Salah & I) wanted to keep it more exclusive. Now every performer will have this.

As I said before, I am more upset that I lost a friend than a few 's that would never change my life. Maybe it will change yours.

I wish I could say good luck but I would be lying.

This is all I wanted to say on the matter and I do not intend to reply again or speak to you in the future.

Message: Posted by: Angelo Carbone (May 17, 2014 08:44AM)
Am posting my same response here as you have chosen to do so too!

Wow Myke that's really uncalled for and below the belt. For someone you considered Marc as a friend that is really a nasty thing to say. I am shocked!

From my understanding, Marc created this app in the first place. He combined the input method from Salah with his trick. You joined in I believe to help promote the app. Now Marc has changed the input method in HIS app, Salah's permission for using his input method is no longer needed because he is using a different method. There was never a signed contract I believe and now Marc wants to work in the new version of his app alone because he feels he is not obliged to anyone anymore as he has done the MAJORITY of work. He had valid reasons why he wanted to go on it alone. Salah was fine with this and yet you are not.

This is really bad form on your part to publicly humiliate and put down Marc's integrity and reputation like this. As everyone knows there are TWO sides to a story.

Marc is one of the most nicest persons I have ever met and does not deserve this from a 'friend'.
Message: Posted by: Angelo Carbone (May 17, 2014 08:58AM)
So by airing my opinion about the situation, Myke has just unfriended me on Facebook even though I have done nothing wrong. Is no one allowed to speak?
Message: Posted by: Myke Phillips (May 17, 2014 09:29AM)
Okay, so I couldn't stay away lol

I am going to publically appologise for any personal attacks I have made towards Marc as this was not my initial intension and I feel bad about that. Sorry Marc, I take back anything I said personal towards you. You are a nice polite guy, I just never imagined you would do this. This is my fault! My wife tells me off all the time because how much work and help I put in for others and not myself.

As mentioned by Angelo, there was no contract involved so it's just about ethics really. I didn't know I was being rented until not needed lol.

The lesson learned here is, always have a contract because ethics and loyalty are rare in this art form.

Anyway, it's just an App and tomorrow is another day in this crazy world of magic.

Message: Posted by: TheAmazingSteveo (May 17, 2014 03:18PM)
Just bought this app .... Very nice job Marc!
Message: Posted by: sanjavs (May 18, 2014 11:38AM)
Master piece. The new imput method is ammazing, best update Marc.
Message: Posted by: Angelo Carbone (May 18, 2014 04:10PM)
:-) Yes an amazing app!
Message: Posted by: insight (Jun 25, 2014 11:17AM)
This is an AMAZING app, but I would like to also state that Marc is an AMAZING creator. I have a personal story I would like to share that demonstrates just how genuinely of a good guy Marc is.

I have been working with Marc over the last 4 weeks on a project. To say that he has exceeded my highest expectations is a massive understatement. At the very beginning of the project, Marc made a key effort to ensure understanding of my needs, and I feel his accumulated knowledge of all of the critical parameters truly enabled him to work both very effectively and efficiently. Marc kept me updated throughout the various phases of the project, and he very kindly provided sample demos. In fact, he provided a sample demo EVEN BEFORE he began working on the project and EVEN BEFORE I paid for his service. The fact that he went the extra mile even before the commencement of the project was evidence enough for me that he was the right person for me to partner with on this project. Toward the completion phase, Marc had me do some of my own internal testing just to make sure it was everything I had asked for. I am a happy customer! Working with him has been such a pleasant experience, and I highly recommend doing business with him. Marc is someone you can trust and have confidence in his delivery of a quality product. I will, no doubt, continue to work with him for all of my future needs. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Marc for a job very well done!

Message: Posted by: Angelo Carbone (Jul 23, 2014 11:33AM)
That sounds just like Marc. Good chap! :-)
Message: Posted by: mimo67 (Oct 2, 2014 08:56AM)
Please, Android version ? It's n1 on smartphones since a long time now, especially outside USA I think. Thanks for considering and sorry for being annoying about it...
Message: Posted by: MagicDamo (Jan 9, 2015 03:00PM)
Any newson an Android version?
Message: Posted by: gdrayson (May 16, 2015 06:01PM)
Android is so fragmented - so many different versions and a support nightmare - I suspect this is the reason that apps normally come out on iOS and not Android.