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Topic: Peforming in front of over magicians
Message: Posted by: magicdave56 (Jun 7, 2014 06:36PM)
When I perform in front of other magicians at my magic meeting, I get nervous then I mess up. Can some one give me some advise?
Message: Posted by: jugglestruck (Jun 22, 2014 05:46PM)
Don't do it! Seriously, why put yourself through the torment? Perform for those you feel comfortable performing for.
Message: Posted by: Ben Seatreader (Jul 5, 2014 11:20AM)
My advise would be to make use of their knowledge as magicians. For example, we all know what a tt looks like, make a show of attempting to 'hide' it from view whilst in the act of vanishing a coin. They will assume you intend to use the tt. Don't. Their attention should be so fixated on the tt that your alternate vanish will go unnoticed. When they smugly accuse you of hiding the coin in the tt, merely smile and show it to be empty.
Message: Posted by: RobertlewisIR (Jul 9, 2014 02:46AM)
I'm of mixed minds about performing for other magicians, and which path I take depends upon my mood, the season, and what I had for lunch.

The first thing I do is my regular stuff because most magicians I know (myself included) don't care if they know how something is done as long as the presentation is entertaining. But when the mood strikes me, I do have a handful of things I do just for magicians, and it's not entirely unlike what Ben suggests. I do things that will fool magicians but most lay people would consider absolute garbage, because magicians have a peculiar way of thinking.
Message: Posted by: Steve_Mollett (Aug 28, 2015 07:48PM)
I pretend they are laymen and just do my thing.