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Topic: A hearty hello
Message: Posted by: Captain Merkle (Jan 17, 2004 01:01AM)
Greetings to all!!

Hello, my fellow random atomic arrangements. My name is Capt. Merkle and I am new to the Café. I'm not new to magic, since I've been addicted since I was a young child, but I've recently aspired to pursue it professionally. I hope to receive your advice and give my own whenever I can, and I hope to become a part of your magical family!

-Capt. Merkle :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: jimisolo (Jan 17, 2004 01:17PM)
Welcome aboard Cap'n! :bg:

I have to say that I almost spit coke out through my nose, laughing, when I saw your avatar. :hysteric:

I haven't seen Glass Joe since Super Nintendo days playing the Tyson game. (That was the game he was on, wasn't it? With Don Flamenco, etc...?) Nonetheless, it gave me a good laugh and a big smile. :bigsmile:

See ya around the forums.

My 2,

Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Jan 17, 2004 08:44PM)
Hi Captain Merkle,

Random atomic arrangements. That's definately the first time I have heard that expression and it shows you definately have creativity. We like that here!!

Welcome and please don't hesitate to post or ask questions of your own. :wavey: