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Topic: Lewis Ganson's - 1968 Academy Award with Vernon's Hands
Message: Posted by: james prince (Jun 29, 2014 12:11PM)
In my collection of Magical Memorabilia, I have Lewis Ganson’s, Academy of Magical Arts 1968 Award trophy

It consists of a mahogany Plinth, with a brass plaque, on which there is a life size plaster cast of Dai Vernon’s hands, holding a pack of cards and his trademark cigar

I would like to know a little more about it, any information would be good and I’m particularly interested to know –

Was this one of the first ever AoMA awards? (From what I can see on the net, they started in 1968)
Is this the only award with the Vernon hand cast?
The Magic Castle site shows Lewis as having won a ‘Literary Fellowship’ award in 1968 but the actual trophy reads ‘Card Book of the Year’ –Why the discrepancy?
If card book of the year presumably ‘Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic’ ? (Although this came out in 1967)
Is the cast of Vernon’s hands just that, a cast, or is it a representation?

Anyone who can help shed light or add anything further, my thanks in advance