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Topic: Hey... ehm... nice to meet you all ;-)
Message: Posted by: Martin Reinertz (Jan 17, 2004 05:10PM)
I'm a magician (or at least I consider myself one - but I'm still a "newbie") from Dortmund, Germany. I've been into magic for almost 2 years now and somehow things are getting more serious at the moment. Currently I'm working on some kind of standard program for my performances...

This place by far was the best I found on the internet after having experienced other boards, some of whose members seemed extremely unfriendly and NOT welcoming at all. I'm looking forward to having a different experience here (that's what it looks like to me so far).

And... oh yeah... I'm 25.
Message: Posted by: Roady (Jan 17, 2004 06:04PM)
Hey Martin
Im very new here too. And can agree with what you say about other boards on the net. Im from the UK. I've been into magic about the same time as you, and feel that I want to move on to the next level.
As you will see from my posts I havent contributed much yet ( I have been too busy reading all the very informative posts ) Even so I have found this place to be very friendly, and Im sure you wil too.
Just wanted to say Hi and welcome.
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Jan 17, 2004 08:50PM)
Hi Martin,

It's nice to have you join us at the Café. You're right, the Café is a friendly place with over 80 countries represented and close to 10,000 members. It really is Magicians helping Magicians as I'm sure you'll find out for yourself.

Please don't hesitate to post or ask questions of your own as many will offer assistance. Grab a chair and coffee, get comfortable and be prepared for lots of informative reading.

Welcome! :wavey: