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Topic: Lennart Green's Japanse Box?
Message: Posted by: Arsenal (Jul 5, 2014 03:02AM)
Hello all,

I am looking for the drawer used by Lennart Green in his recent Penguin lecture (in his puzzle section), where he pulled the drawer out, dropped a coin into, then closed it.

No matter how the box is rotated around, the drawer always faces up when he pulled it out. Thus, the coin never drops.

He only mentioned it's a Japanese box. I asked the guys at Penguin and they had no clue what it is either ...

Message: Posted by: merlin2812 (Jul 28, 2014 03:38AM)

you are looking for a japanese box called "openable box" from Hideto Satou.
There are more informations on the karakuri's website:

Hope you can find one!


Message: Posted by: Arsenal (Jul 29, 2014 09:45AM)
Thanks so much for the information, Merlin.

I'll try to find one. Karakuri website no longer stocks the box it seems. Sloyd from Finland has it in stock but they are not very customer-friendly ...
Message: Posted by: merlin2812 (Jul 29, 2014 05:29PM)
Hello Arsenal,

in my experience, I didn't have any problems with Sloyd (I bought 2 or 3 things from them), my main concern was their stock, not always up to date... If they have still the box you are looking for, don't hesitate! Otherwise, you can contact me (pm) I have another contact that could help you (nothing sure however)

good luck!

Message: Posted by: mir11 (Jan 30, 2021 04:09PM)
If you having issues with Sloyd send them an email tomas.linden@sloyd.fi , they have resolved all my issues in the past promptly