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Topic: Christian Consortium on the Paranormal
Message: Posted by: THOR (Jun 13, 2002 06:06PM)
check out this website:


Toby Travis just put on this event in London and may host another in the U.S. if there is enough interest.

Also, check out the well written articles.
Message: Posted by: sdgiu (Nov 2, 2002 05:31AM)
I am very careful in this matter. I do magic with a message for Childrens church, and I don't want them to get ANY mixed messages about what I do. I explain beforehand that what I am doing is just a "trick" and that there is nothing supernatural to it. If anyone has a short & simple way to explain this I am always open to suggestions on this.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Nov 2, 2002 09:20AM)
Some of the key content of the Conference is readable and available on-line a the link given by Thor above.

If you encounter much discussion on the issues of paranormal experiences, or even just are interested in getting some additional tools in your toolbox to handle those strange questions that often come at Christians, (and all too often from Christians - who just don't understand.) then this is a great starting point.

Message: Posted by: troublewit (Nov 3, 2002 06:12PM)
Sdgiu, If you are looking for clear, succinct ways to get across the idea that all you are doing is "tricks", and that there is nothing supernatural about it, here are some phrases:

"All my tricks have a natural explanation... they are 100% natural... that's why they're so good for you!

I only do tricks, I believe in miracles, and only God can do miracles. What I do are
"special effects", like in the movies.

Just "puzzles for the eyes.".....

If you would like some very thorough essays and helps in this matter, I refer you to Duane Laflin's essays in his Gospel magic text book... "Greater Gospel Magic".

Required reading for the Gospel performer in my opinion. Best regards, Chris
Message: Posted by: sdgiu (Nov 5, 2002 06:46AM)
Thanks for the great ideas, and I'll have to check out that "Greater Gospel magic" book.
Guess I've still not done all my required reading. But I'll make it up soon as I find the book.
Thanks again
Message: Posted by: DougTait (Nov 6, 2002 01:00PM)
Here is another essay about Christian Magicians and what the Bible has to say about magic and sorcery.

Best wishes...... Doug