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Topic: Busking Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (Jul 16, 2014 08:46PM)
I'll be in Pittsburgh in a few days. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on busking either on East Carson Street, at the fountain at Three Rivers park, or other places in the city.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Jul 17, 2014 03:14PM)
Hey Mr. Yoder, enjoy 'the Burg',.... Pittsburgh.
,a long long time ago, I started there.

"I'm a man with no talents,
no skills at all.
No looks. No brains.,..
just a few magic balls.
These balls, like no others,
are in some kind of trance,..
an enchantment,
or bewitchment,.
that causes them to dance!
A wunderous woven magic ,
like none ever told,..
and energy,
to feel and see,..
impossible to hold!..."
pittsburgh,.. 197?....

,...but, before I start getting starry-eyed and sentimental,..
yeah, the Fountain is good,.. but the sun used to make things tough,..
there were no trees there ,.. back then.
Today,..?,.. not sure..
evenings.,. not a lot of folks.
I used to play lunch times, around the Steel Building.,..in the front.
Most office folks headed out to lunch,.. it was my best time.
I also used to play the 7th Street Bridge,.. going over to Three River Stadium.
Sounds crazy, and it IS a bit loud,.. but,.. playing up on the railing,..
the audience comes into you.
It was always nice,.. always peoples,.. not huge Shows,..
but nice.
Evenings, when the Pittsburgh Symphony is in town,.. Heinz Hall.
Before the Show,.. and in the pause,..great!
after the Concerts,.. nobody hung.
Also,.. there I found, I could only pull off ONE ten minute Show before,..
and one ten minute Show in the pause,...
but,.. it was always nice,.. the men and the smokers enjoyed,... the bit of 'culture'(!).
Squirel Hill on the weekends,.. (I swore I would never tell anybody that,...)
...((40 years ago.)).
I wish you well. The peoples of Pittsburgh are great,..
fun loving,.. you'll do good there,.
but think about this,.. you won't be playing for tourists,....
I kept it down to ten minutes,..
was happy with small audiences,..
didn't do a big build up,..
you'll figure it out,..
play a lot of Shows,..
it'll be nice.
Break a leg,
gallagher 'homesick' hayes
Message: Posted by: G.Gilbert (Jul 17, 2014 10:51PM)
Contact scott wegener, or brady wegener ... East carson would be good for small sidewalk shows, a living statue could kill it!

The park should be good... It's been a year since I've worked pittsburgh, so things might have changed.

I used to perform at Lava Lounge on E. Carson (inside), they hosted good variety/sideshow/burlesque type shows
Message: Posted by: EVILDAN (Jul 18, 2014 09:33AM)
I had a friend that lived in Pittsburgh up until 2000 when he died in a bar fight.
E. Carson St was always happening at night. It's where everyone goes to drink or do a pub crawl.
The Cuckoo's Nest Magic Shop is also on Carson St. They might be able to tip you where the good busking spots and times are.

The Lava Lounge. You have to see the inside.
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (Aug 2, 2014 01:08PM)
I did go to Pittsburgh on a Sunday afternoon. There wasn't much happening so I went to a small park a block off of Carson that had families and a fountain. A security guard from the local neighborhood association told me to move on after my first group. He was nice enough wait until I got my hat before stepping in. From there I went to the large fountain where the rivers meet. I had a good 45 minutes there before being told to move along.
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Aug 3, 2014 03:41PM)
I think the big fountain where the rivers meet is Point State Park. Was it police or park rangers that gave you the boot?
Message: Posted by: cheesewrestler (Aug 3, 2014 09:31PM)
Put up big enlarged baseball cards of Roberto Clemente & Bill Mazeroski, one on each side of your performing area.

No cop in Pittsburgh will dare to hassle you.
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (Aug 5, 2014 05:47AM)
Point State Park is a state park. The park ranger who told me to leave told me that buskers are only allowed in the park during festivals such as the Three Rivers Festival when there are special permits. I'll try again another day. :)
Message: Posted by: EVILDAN (Aug 5, 2014 09:13AM)
Check with the Cuckoo's Nest Magic Shop on Carson St. I remember a few years ago they were actually LOOKING for street performers for the downtown area. That could have changed since then. But I'm sure they'll know something. AND...it's a pretty cool magic shop.