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Topic: Impromptu Item: Favorite Routine Thread
Message: Posted by: Shadowzen (Jan 19, 2004 01:02PM)
I am not very good yet at impromptu and I thought this thread might help me find fill out my impromptu repertoire. The format will be as stated in the topic.

For example:

Quarters : 3/4 Across on "On The Spot"
Cigarette: Fearson's Floating Cigarette & TT Vanish
Rubber Bands: Crazy Man's Handcuffs (ref.?)
Napkins: Malini's Paper Balls over the head
Pen: Recap Revisited on "On The Spot" with added rubber pencil effect
Sugar Packets: torn & restored sugar packet with dime "apparently" inside restored packet (uses TT)
Salt Shaker: disappearing salt shaker under guise of disappearing coin.
Cell Phone:??
Credit Card:??
Dollar Bills:??
Shot glass:??
Beer bottle:??
Nacho Chip Basket:???
Ice Cubes:??

Extra points for thinking of items that can be borrowed & Require no gimmick. Double points if I can buy the routine on video. Triple points if you PM the routine to me :P