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Topic: Long Salt Pour
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 19, 2004 04:54PM)
Any ideas on the presentation of this Classic.

I use the Danny Dew Gimmick.
Message: Posted by: PortugalMagician (Jan 20, 2004 10:54AM)
You can combine that gimmick with the "Ethereal
Salt" by Vernet, in which you make the salt disappear from the shaker.

Check it out at http://hanklee.org/xcart/customer/product.php?productid=3125&cat=&page=1

I hope I helped. Regards
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 20, 2004 09:40PM)
Thank you good idea.

Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Jan 28, 2004 03:27PM)
Or a young boy's dream in a sweet shop.
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Feb 8, 2004 02:43AM)
Here's an idea you might be able to use. I once found a clear plastic sugar dispenser, you know, the squat kind with the metal top and the little spout with the flap on the end that they used to have in diners?

Okay, so I cut off the bottom, and jammed in a clear plastic cup. Essentially, I had a double-walled sugar container. The space between the cup and the walls of the dispenser could be filled with salt or sugar, and the dispenser would look ordinary. However, there was a load space inside big enough to hold the salt gimmick.

So you see the advantage. No need to steal the gimmick off your body, and you can start holding nothing more than the shaker in your hands. No need to take off the top, the spout actually does a nice job controling a very visible stream. Once you've stolen the gimmick, and poured in the salt, the empty gaff again looks completely innocent.

Anyways, I found it useful, I hope someone here might, as well.