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Topic: Mistakes in Magic - Book by Ben Williams
Message: Posted by: Dominic Reyes (Aug 7, 2014 02:41PM)

Ben Williams (Labelled, Anywhere Principle, Tear-able Sessions) has written a book giving tips and techniques for handling those moments when a magic trick goes wrong.
Maybe a prop breaks, an unexpected interruption happens, or fate simply takes a turn for the worst.

He includes a memory erasing technique to help 'adjust' a spectators recollection of what happened.

It's free, and available here:


Best wishes as always
Dominic Reyes
Message: Posted by: LankyHobo (Aug 13, 2014 05:51AM)
This is great little e-book. Good advice for the beginner and professional alike. The amount of free help and support, whether in person, by phone or ebooks like this that Dom and all from Merchant of Magic give to the community makes them, in my mind, one of the most outstanding suppliers I know. Well done Ben and Dom for another great addition to that continued level of customer service.