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Topic: Piper Active Volume 2 - James Piper & RSVP
Message: Posted by: puggo (Aug 23, 2014 12:46PM)
The official blurb of what's on Vol.2:

I'm not interested in coincidences..........
An unexplainable prediction effect, that leaves them scratching their heads!

My magic is more sophisticated than that..........
A charming multi phased 3 coin routine....Funny, interactive and amazing!
Quicker than the human eye can detect..........
Coins disappear from the magicians hand only to reappear inside his pocket, with the last coin appearing in an unexpected and unbelievable place!
Hand hopping trio..........
3 coins, 3 amazing feats......all in the spectators hands!
Three peaks..........
3 people, 3 shoulders, 3 coins....it would be rude not to!

123 invisible coins..........
Three invisible coins become visible, right in front of their eyes. A visually stunning coin production that's guaranteed to please.
I'll place them back!..........
A beautiful 3 coin vanish that looks so real the spectators with have no choice but to question the nature of reality!
3 @ A TIME!..........
The spectators grow suspicious when the magician produces some invisible coins. Then in an unexpected turn of events the coins appear all at the same time at the magicians finger tips.
I must be using extra coins..........
After performing some amazing feats with some coins, the magician explains that he must be using an extra coin. He then comes clean and magical produces a huge amount of coins from his empty hands, this has to be seen to be believed!

Review based on first impressions: - I have not worked any of the routines. I am proficient with cards and no more than intermediate (at best) with coins (basic finger palms, classic palms, click passes hand washes etc. but edge palming or multiple palming of coins is beyond me!)

What it is: - Volume 2 consists of one card effect and some monster, modular coin routines. No gaffs are used, just sleight of hand.

Possible Bias: - I don't know James Piper and paid full price for this, so no 'mates' review here.

Production value: - This is RSVP. C'mon, you know that it will be well lit, well filmed with good sound and it is. James performs the routines to a few ladies in what appears to be a closed bar setting. This is good, but not quite great (as per some other RSVP work such as Mark James, Smith & Jones, Matthew Dowden etc. where the performances are 'very' live to crowds of sometimes rowdy punters).

Crediting: - James gives plenty of credits and directs you to further resources.

Difficulty rating: - ah.. well.. the card effect is straight forward enough but the coin work is generally intermediate to advanced imho. If you have the skills or are willing to put in the (significant) work, you will be able to achieve what you see on the demo, which is stunning magic that can be performed anytime and anywhere.

Teaching quality: - James comes across as likeable, knowledgeable and a thorough teacher. The routines are well taught at a good pace with moves covered in detail. Good stuff (caveat - see below).

The routines: - there are performances of the card effect and two huge coin routines which are, as previously mentioned, modular.

Constructive critique: -
Russ - what's gone on with the menu?!! The coin explanations are for two monster coin routine and are not separated into the modular parts. While it is good to see the modules in the routines performed together, it is a pain in the backside not to be able to access each component routine separately.
I brought this for the 'three peaks' routine, but could not find and explanation for it despite watching the DVD a few times. Perhaps it is hidden away? (or hidden in plain sight?!). Having said that, from watching the performance, it is not hard to work out.
Not ideal for beginners or the faint of heart.

Positives: -
Some of the material isn't too hard and James makes the coin work entertaining.
No gaffs - If you have the chops or will put in the time, you'll have some killer material. The 'I must be using extra coins' routine looks like a stunning way to end nearly any coin routine.
If you even get one of the coin routines down, the modest investment in this DVD will repay itself many times.

Final thoughts: - I probably won't use anything from this as I am just not that much of a hard core coin guy. The card routine is a definite worker, but I'm not really looking for new card stuff. Having said that, I may just look out for Piper Active Volume 1 as James really does appear to be a solid worker with interesting ideas to share.

Message: Posted by: Darrin Cook (Aug 31, 2014 05:26PM)
I recently acquired this. The DVD is no gaffs, pure sleight of hand coin magic. Frankly, I think it's very difficult to do a genuinely deceptive gaff-free coin routine, which is what makes Al Schneider's matrix such a classic.

The second routine is the one that caught my interest. The sleights are based on Kainoa Harbottle's edge grip work. I feel like I finally have a use for these sleights. I plan on replacing the second segment, a streamlined hanging coins routine, with a 3 fly. The Miser's Dream finish is a great ending for a coin act.

For the coin worker, this DVD definitely gives you material to work with using state-of-the-art edge grip technique. These routines can be done without a table. He has an interesting application of the JW grip that fooled me.